Wednesday, March 22

April 2023 - Urban Roots PAC Fundraiser


Mark your calendars for April! Urban Roots PAC Fundraiser 

During the month of April, all Urban Roots pop-up garden center locations will be offering 10% back to our PAC on every in-store pre-tax purchase made by Dickens PAC family and friends. Just mention Charles Dickens Elementary at the checkout!
Locations across the Lower Mainland will open the week of April 1st. 
There are two locations in Vancouver: East Hastings - PNE and Kitsilano.  

This is a great way to support our school and a growing BC business that provides communities with a local nursery experience.

Monday, March 20

Thank You, re: Fam Jam - Family Music Night

An enormous thank you to Mike and Char for hosting another fabulous Fam Jam evening on Thursday, March 8th!

Together with Mike Jackson and Char Hunter, we would like to thank the families and staff who attended the event for all their support, and thanks to the many parents & kids who shared their amazing musical talents with us as well! 

There were 150 guests in total - the largest family music night gathering we've yet had! It was wonderful to also have Dickens music teacher, Eric, contribute with a solo act, and to have him lead students in a sing and play-a-long too. 

We’d also like to extend our thanks to Vira Jackson for creating a magical atmosphere in the gym with the bunting and lighting, and to the students who helped collect the donations, and with the setting-up of chairs and tearing down too. 

Donations collected:
Two boxes filled with about 50 food items were given to the Grandview Woodland Food Connection. In addition, $385 was raised for the school’s music program.

We greatly appreciate your generous support, and look forward to seeing you again at our next fun-filled Fam Jam! 

* Here are a few pics from Vira of some of the adults who performed. We're not able to share photos of the kids, if they can clearly be identified, as we would have to obtain permission. 

Saturday, March 4

Save the date for SPRING FLING!

If you'd like to know more about what takes place on the day, you're welcome to view our and to see pictures & video clips from 2019 and previous years.

Friday, February 24

Fam Jam - Family Music Night!

Dickens Main & Annex families are invited to join us for an evening of jammin' & fun!  March 8th from 6:30-9:30pm in the Main School Gym.

If you would like to perform, contact Char Hunter at to register.

Suggested donations at the door: 
$5 per family or 2 food bank items will go to the Dickens Music Program and to GV Food Bank. 

Thursday, February 23

Personalized Labels and Tags


We know how easy it is for kids to loose their water bottles, hoodies, agendas at school, at sports games. Dickens PAC has partnered with Mabel's Labels- with the aim to shrink the Lost and Found pile and raise funds for the school at the same time! 

With every purchase at Mabel's Labels, you can select to support Charles Dickens Elementary PAC.  All proceeds from this program will benefit classroom and student programs at the main & annex schools. 

Thank you for your support! You're welcome to share this link with family and friends too.

Here’s how to order:

2. Type “Charles Dickens” in the search, and select “Charles Dickens Elementary School PAC (Vancouver)” from the drop-down.

3. Begin shopping at "Let’s Get Shopping"

Ensure that you see our PAC’s name before checking out. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 22

Hot Lunches at the Main & Annex Schools

We have a NEW vendor for our Hot Lunch Fundraiser! 

This optional program gives our children fun lunch options and gives you a break from packing lunches once a week.  

Beginning Thursday, March 30th, we will be teaming with Bittersweet Kitchen, and switching to the Munch-a-Lunch online ordering platform
We aim to offer healthy lunch options throughout the school year. All proceeds from this program will benefit classroom and student programs at the main & annex schools. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the delicious and healthy lunches provided by Bittersweet Kitchen!  

The deadline to order is every Wednesday at 11:59pm for the following week’s lunch service.
E.g. for our first lunch delivery with Bittersweet Kitchen on Thursday, March 30th, your order will need to be placed by Wednesday, March 22 at 11:59pm. The site is now open and ready to accept orders.

To create a MunchaLunch account and to place an order with BitterSweet Kitchen:

NOTE, re: Foodie Kids Orders 
Foodie Kids and its Foodeaze ordering site will provide lunch delivery up to and including March 9th, 2023.  For parents/guardians who have pre-ordered meals for future dates after Spring Break, your orders will be cancelled and a refund will be provided by this vendor.

Our hot lunch program has been well received and we thank you for your continued support!  Please feel free to email any comments or suggestions to the Hot Lunch Coordinator at

Dickens PAC