Saturday, October 13



If you find any needles, it is important that you call the Needle Hotline at 604.657.6561.  

With your valuable help they will:
  • swiftly and safely to dispose of it
  • do a sweep of the area 
  • track the information in a city "heat map" so the city can focus attention in problem areas

More details on the Hotline can be found at

The VanConnect App can also be used (click on Garbage and Litter, then Abandoned Garbage, then Discarded Needle) to report a discarded needle.  The City will share this information with the Needle Hotline. However, this option may take more time before the needle is picked up. 


Condoms can be carefully placed in a garbage bin by an adult.  Alternatively, condoms can be reported on VanConnect as abandoned garbage (click on Garbage and Litter, then Abandoned Garbage, then Garbage/Miscellaneous Junk) on City Property such as Sunnyside Park. If found on the school playgrounds over the summer break, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) should be contacted. 

While school is in session, please contact the Dickens School administrative staff if any hazardous items are found on the school playgrounds.

Thank you,
Dickens PAC

Friday, October 12

How to Apply for Funding for Parent-led Clubs & Activities at Dickens

Successful clubs over previous years have included Chess Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Sewing, Singing etc. New ideas are always welcome too!

If you'd like to apply for PAC Funding for a Parent-led Club or Activity for the 2018-19 school year at either the Dickens Main School or Annex, go to the following link for more info and the online application form:

The Online Application Form must be completed by Friday, November 9, 2018.

Thank you,
Dickens PAC Exec

Friday, September 21

Guest Speaker: Dickens Teacher, David Murphy - The Dickens Model of Learning

Parents/Guardians from the Main & Annex Schools are invited to hear our first Guest Speaker for the year: 

Main School Div. 8 Teacher, David Murphy. See details here on the poster.

Friday, August 31

Tuesday, September 4 :: Welcome back!

Parents & Guardians are invited to join us at our Welcome Tables at the main & annex schools on Tue, Sep 4we will be serving coffee, tea and baked treats.  

Main School: For Grades 1-7, school will be from 9-9:30am on Tue, Sep 4. Regular hours (9am-3pm) will begin from Wed, Sep 5.

Annex School: For Grades 1-3, school will be from 9-9:45am on Tue, Sep 4. Regular hours (9am-3pm) will begin from Wed, Sep 5.

Kindergarten Students will begin on Wed, Sep 5. Follow the gradual entry schedule that was provided to you by the main or annex school in spring. 

Major PAC Blog Upgrade

Thank you kindly for your patience! 
The DICKENS PAC Blog was upgraded from Mon, Aug 27 to Fri, Aug 31, 2018. 

Going forward, we trust that our reconstructed blog will serve you well in the new school year. Please do contact us at should you encounter any technical glitches. We'd appreciate being made aware of these issues, so that we can correct them where possibleThank You.