Tuesday, June 27

Have a wonderful summer! We look forward to seeing you again in the new school year on Tuesday, September 5.

What to do if you find Hazardous Garbage at Sunnyside Park or on the Dickens School Playgrounds

For Needles:

Parents/Guardians should contact the Needle Hotline at 604.657.6561 to report a discarded needle on school property or Sunnyside Park, and it should be picked up in about an hour.  
More details on the Hotline can be found here:

The VanConnect App can also be used (click on Garbage and Litter, then Abandoned Garbage, then Discarded Needle) to report a discarded needle.  The City will share this information with the Needle Hotline. However, this option may take more time before the needle is picked up. 

For Condoms:

Condoms can be carefully placed in a garbage bin by an adult.  

Alternatively, condoms can be reported on VanConnect as abandoned garbage (click on Garbage and Litter, then Abandoned Garbage, then Garbage/Miscellaneous Junk) on City Property such as Sunnyside Park. If found on the school playgrounds over the summer break, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) should be contacted. 

Thursday, June 22

FOR SALE - Nine Silent Auction Items

If you did not get a chance to bid on these 9 items at Spring Fling's Silent Auction, NOW’S YOUR TO BUY THEM!

These items did not have a winning bid at the Silent Auction.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these 9 items now, here are the rules:
1.     The item can be purchased for the purchase price listed.
2.     To purchase the item, send an email to dickens.pac@gmail.com with your name, a contact number (preferably a cell number), item number, and item name.
3.     Items will be open for purchase starting at 12pm on Saturday, June 24 until 12pm on Monday, June 26.
4.     Items will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis - the first person to email about an item after 12pm on Saturday will win that item for the purchase price.
5.     We will contact the winners by the end of the day on Monday, June 26. All items must be paid for and picked-up by Thursday, June 29.

To see the items, click on this link: Silent Auction Items For Sale

The image below shows Item #255 Handmade Shelving System

Monday, June 19

Reminder for this Wednesday!

PAC AGM & ELECTIONS (See details on poster below)

Our Financials for this year, and a Proposed Budget for Next Year will be presented. 

If you'd like to know more about how PAC works and what we do, or are interested in possibly joining the PAC Executive for the next school year, contact Tamara Shand (Main) and Carol Duffy (Annex) our current Chairs, at dickens.pac@gmail.com to ask your questions - thank you!

Wednesday, June 14

An Update for PAC Blog Subscribers

Dear PAC Blog Subscribers,

An email was sent to you on Wednesday morning (June 14) with two new articles, and one outdated article. 

Our apologies for the outdated article. This was caused by a technical glitch in Google's Feedburner subscriptions system last night. It appears that Google is currently patching their servers and restarting them causing this glitch.

In the new school year:
For the new school year (2017-18) we are looking at the possibility of switching over to a new E-newsletter subscriptions system and will stop using Feedburner to send you blog updates. However, we will still retain our PAC Blog here at Blogspot. 

Dickens PAC
(Feel free to contact us at dickens.pac@gmail.com if you have any questions about the blog).