Wednesday, February 21

Webinar — What does the New Curriculum mean for your Children?

As part of Vancouver DPAC's General Meeting on Thursday, February 22 at 7pm, there will be a presentation for Parents & Guardians on the new curriculum titled: "Educational Transformation: What does the new curriculum mean for your children?"
This presentation will be co-presented by:
  • Jan Unwin - Superintendent of Graduation and Transitions, Ministry of Education
  • Suzanne Hoffman - Superintendent, Vancouver School Board, former Superintendent of Learning, Ministry of Education
This event will also be broadcast for those parents/guardians and other interested parties unable to attend in person, at no cost. 
The link to join the webinar is here.
To test if your device is ready, you may click here.
During this session, the presenters will be using an audience participation tool called Slido: 

You may test if your device will work by simply clicking the link and entering E035 in the # box and click Join. You may answer the Olympic medal poll, or you may enter a question for the presenters to consider prior or during the presentation.

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Monday, February 19

Going to Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School in Sept 2018?

If you have a child headed to Sir Charles Tupper, we would like to invite you to attend the next Tupper PAC meeting on April 11, 2018. 

At this meeting, you can ask questions of fellow Tupper parents, find out what opportunities await you in the PAC, and get a better sense of what our community is all about. Administration, teacher, and student reps will also be present. We look forward to meeting you!  

Sign up for the Tupper PAC Newsletter:

Please also sign up for the Tupper PAC newsletter at and keep an eye on the news section of our website. There are exciting things going on right away at the beginning of the year that you'll want to know about, and there are many ways to get involved between now and then. We want to make your transition to Tupper as smooth as possible and make you feel welcomed. 

Thank you,

Makeesha Fisher
Charles Tupper PAC Chair

Friday, February 16

Hop 'n Nosh - Family Dance & Social

Guest Speaker this February!

Contemporary Mathematics

Wednesday, February 21 |  7pm Main School Library

Jacob Martens will inform you on Mathematics at BC Elementary Schools. 
  • Want to find out what’s new and what’s unchanged? 
  • Perplexed that what your child is learning doesn’t match what you remember from school? 
  • Worried your child may be left behind and wondering what you can do? 
  • Unsettled by the thought of adding in order to subtract? 
  • Perhaps you're simply curious to find out more about your child's mathematics?

Jacob Martens commutes from East Van to his job as the Mathematics Coordinator for the Delta School District. In less than 2 hours he will attempt to answer some of your questions as he provides context and examples of the what, why and how of contemporary mathematics education.