Thursday, June 28

Enjoy the Summer!

Thank You to Dickens Parents & Guardians for all your support throughout this year. Hope you'll have a wonderful Summer Break! We're looking forward to a fantastic 2018-19 School Year... 

By the way, we have several additional 2018 SPRING FLING photos for you to see - they're set up at:  and at

Thursday, June 21

PHOTOS & THANK YOU re: Dickens Staff Appreciation Luncheon

A Huge Thank You to Jessica Lebowitz and to Dickens Parents & Guardians who donated towards our Mexican-themed Staff Lunch and/or volunteered with food preparation, setting up, serving or tidying up after the event! 

With your generous assistance, we were able to host a scrumptious fajita main course meal for all Dickens Staff to show our heartfelt appreciation. Despite the rainy weather, we managed to maintain a festive atmosphere indoors at the annex gym! Browse through some of our pictures below:

Photos - 2018 Ultimate Frisbee Program - Another Exciting Year!

This parent-led program is one of several activities sponsored by funds raised at 2017’s SPRING FLING. This was the 4th full season that the program has been offered at Dickens.  

Approximately 165 Grade 5,6 & 7 students played ultimate as part of their PE instruction.  57 Players, plus some drop-ins, joined the after-school club program for 15 sessions from late April until early June - these were a mix of practices and games versus other schools.

18 Grade 7 athletes from the club program were integrated into a practice run with the Ultimate Team at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, providing an additional link for students transitioning to high school next year.  

We took part in 2 full day tournaments: 

25 Athletes in Grade 7 competed in the “Sabrefest” hosted by Stratford Hall. They played against 22 other teams from across the Lower Mainland at Montgomery Park. Our top team finished 5th. 

The second tournament was the "2nd Annual VSB City Championship" which had 37 elementary school teams competing. Our top Grade 7 team finished 3rd!

Many thanks to Dickens Parents, Todd Hickling and Ania Jakobs, and to the other wonderful parents for organizing this fun-filled  program! 

Tuesday, June 19

SPRING FLING Silent Auction Items - Last Chance to Bid!

One of these 4 items could be YOURS! 

If you missed out on the SILENT AUCTION at this year’s SPRING FLING, here is your chance to bid! Email with your interest & bid!