Tuesday, June 27

What to do if you find Hazardous Garbage at Sunnyside Park or on the Dickens School Playgrounds

For Needles:

Parents/Guardians should contact the Needle Hotline at 604.657.6561 to report a discarded needle on school property or Sunnyside Park, and it should be picked up in about an hour.  
More details on the Hotline can be found here:

The VanConnect App can also be used (click on Garbage and Litter, then Abandoned Garbage, then Discarded Needle) to report a discarded needle.  The City will share this information with the Needle Hotline. However, this option may take more time before the needle is picked up. 

For Condoms:

Condoms can be carefully placed in a garbage bin by an adult.  

Alternatively, condoms can be reported on VanConnect as abandoned garbage (click on Garbage and Litter, then Abandoned Garbage, then Garbage/Miscellaneous Junk) on City Property such as Sunnyside Park. If found on the school playgrounds over the summer break, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) should be contacted. 

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