Tuesday, January 17

Attention Grade 7 Parents & Guardians!

High School Applications and Deadlines for 2017-18.

Below are some key details Parents/Guardians should be aware of as it’s important to avoid any surprises after the deadlines pass — we hope this helps!

PINK Registration Form for Charles Tupper Secondary School
During the week of January 9, Dickens students who reside within the Dickens/Tupper catchment area were given a PINK Tupper Registration Form. All Gr7 students who reside in the Tupper/Dickens catchment MUST fill in this form and return it by January 31 to Dickens Vice Principal, David Murphy.

While you may elect to attend a District Alternative program (Mini School), you must still submit this Tupper Registration Form (which is your application to your catchment high school) to ensure you have a spot should you wish to use it. There will be no guarantees for entrance to Tupper without this registration form!

Registration forms for High Schools (other than Tupper)
If you reside outside the Dickens/Tupper catchment, you must submit a registration form for your catchment area high school. Information on catchment registration can be found at
Spaces are not saved for kids in-catchment. You need to secure a spot by registering and then decline it later, if you elect to do so.

Cross Boundary Registration
Note that if you apply to a high school outside of your high school catchment area (excluding Mini School programs) then you are considered "cross boundary" for those schools. As such, you must apply with a Cross-boundary Application.

See  Cross-boundary applications are due this February. Your registration will be considered in accordance with enrollments and available spaces at these schools.

Registration for District Alternative / Mini School Programs
This process has been underway since September 2016 and many Parents/Guardians have already submitted applications for their child(ren) to attend these Mini Schools. The deadlines and application forms are unique to each program. 

Note though that an application submitted to a Mini School is only for that program, and is not the same as your application to your catchment area high school.

It’s therefore key that you also submit an application for the high school in your catchment area! Should your child not be accepted into a Mini School program, he/she would need that registration to secure a spot at your catchment high school.

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