Friday, April 8

Proposed Cuts to VSB Budget


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Parents need to stand up and demonstrate wide public concern about the VSB budget to help pressure the BC Government. The Vancouver School Board is facing a budget deficit of $25 million dollars – the worst deficit in over two decades.  

The proposed cuts - HUGE, highly detrimental and long-lasting cuts to services for our children, which we may never return - will have SIGNIFICANT impact to ALL children across this district. 

Proposed Cuts include the Elimination of:
    • ALL elementary Band & Strings Programs 
    • 33 Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Secondary Teachers 
    • Athletic Coordinators facilitating Inter-school Sports Events
    • Fine Arts Coordinators facilitating Visual & Performing Arts Programs 
    • Essential Services Literacy Teachers
    • Teacher mentor and support positions (includes mentors/support workers for brail, anti-racism & homophobia, learning technology, gifted kids, early literacy intervention, librarians, modern languages)
    • Multi-age Cluster Class (MACC) and Gifted Programs (includes closure of Challenge Centre Programs, and mentoring)
    • ALL Teachers that serve Home-bound Students. 
    • Two Multicultural Liaison Workers for South Asian, Korean and Vietnamese cultural groups. 
    • 10 Career Advisors from Secondary Schools to be replaced with a Single District Advisor. 
    • School-Aged Children & Youth (SACY) Engagement Worker for "at risk" students in Secondary Schools 
    • 12 Non-Enrolling Teaching Positions providing English Language Learning (ELL), Aboriginal Ed, Special Ed and Library Services
    • 12 Special Needs Student Support Workers
    • Class Size Cap for ALL Secondary Schools
Proposed Cuts also include the Reduction of: 
    • Administrative Support for Mini Schools which will impact programming and class sizes
    • Vision & Hearing Teachers

Vancouver's Public has been invited to give feedback to the VSB regarding this proposed budget on Tuesday, April 12 at 7pm at Vancouver Technical Secondary School and on THURSDAY, APRIL 14 at 5pm at the VSB OFFICES, 1580 West Broadway, Vancouver.
We ask parents and strongly urge every school and/or PAC to send at least one representative to express concerns and indicate how these budget cuts will directly affect children in your school!  If you are unsure how your school or your child(ren) will be affected, ask you administrator who will easily be able to tell you.

PLEASE REGISTER ASAP via email at - for the April 14, public session as space is filling up fast! 

Your "speech" need only be one or two minutes. What is most important is showing wide public concern about the contents of this budget to put pressure on the BC Government!  


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