Thursday, March 3

Easy Tool to help you Advocate for BC Education Funding!

Our friends at FACEBC (Families Against Cuts to Education in BC) have created this quick and easy email tool which you can use to send a letter to your MLA and the BC Minister of Education, Mr. Mike Bernier, regarding continued inadequate funding for BC public schools.

It's a great follow-up to our PAN/FACE postcard campaign and online petition — the more "noise" we make, the more we will be heard.

If you care about public education and know your concerns are real, use this email tool NOW to tell Mr. Bernier and your MLA that public education matters!

Here is the link to this quick and easy message that you can send:

Let's do it! Once you've sent your message, spread the word and link throughout your networks of parents, friends, family and neighbours.

Remember to also post on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs — Thanks!


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