Thursday, January 14

PAC Bylaws Revision - for your review

All PACs and DPACs are governed by their Bylaws and in the case of our Charles Dickens PAC, our own Bylaws & Constitution and Code of Conduct have not been reviewed or updated since 2006.

While the core of the Bylaws continue to be applicable and adhered to, there were a number of sections that needed to better reflect current day processes and practices. The goal was also to help with transition and succession planning regarding Executive roles and responsibilities, and to reiterate to the larger parent community that the PAC Executive is about openness, transparency, inclusion, and respect.

So your PAC Exec began the process of revisions in Spring of 2015 and now present to you the revised Bylaws for January 2016. The changes were suggested, reviewed and proposed by the PAC Governance Committee during 2015 and have now been approved by the PAC Executive on January 13, 2016. 

Per these Bylaws, its important for all parents in the PAC to be aware and understand the Bylaws & Constitution and for the Executive to be transparent with the greater Parent/Guardian Community.

Highlights of the Changes:

- Overall formatting, language clarity and date correction type changes
- Addition of new sections such as Mission Statement and Terms
- Addition and clarity of roles of the Executive for succession planning
- Updates to removed items no longer relevant or applicable and updates to include items from actual process and practice 
- Updates and additions for greater clarity on financial accountability

Our goal is to ratify these revised Bylaws at our next PAC General Meeting on Wednesday, January 27 just prior to our guest speaker that evening: Info on Ishtar Beck's Presentation

If you have any questions regarding the Bylaws, please email us at

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