Thursday, December 10

Summary of Public Education Panel Discussion

On November 25, the Charles Dickens PAC hosted a Panel Discussion on Public Education featuring guest speakers from PENS (Public Education Network Society), a long time public education advocacy group that created a "Charter for Public Education".   

Mike Zlotnik spoke on the democratic vision of public education in Canada after the second world war that promoted equal opportunity for all citizens, and the erosion of that vision in recent years.  

Marilynne Waithman talked about the commodification of education and the consequent breakdown of neighbourhood school communities.  

John Malcolmson illustrated and gave clarity around the ‘numbers’ for public education in BC since 2002. 

This was followed by a lively interactive discussion by parents.  

If you missed the event, you can view their presentations at these links:




You can also access a copy of the Charter for Public Education at:

PENS will be giving a second Panel Discussion on the west side of Vancouver in early February  the location and date will be announced in the near future.

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