Tuesday, November 17

Parent Advocacy Network Presentation

Parent Advocacy Network Presentation to Vancouver School Board (VSB), re: Ernst & Young (EY) Report.​

On November 10, 2015 the VSB held a special public input meeting for feedback on the proposed response to the June 8, 2015 EY recommendations. These recommendations included the closure of 19 East Vancouver schools to meet a district capacity target of 95%. 

The Parent Advocacy Network for Public Education presented alongside other stakeholders such as DPAC, VESTA, VSTA and CUPE. There were common themes that emerged including the concern over selling school land, the privileging of corporate efficiency  over educational wisdom, and the need for the board to remain transparent to stakeholders in its decision making processes. The Parent Advocacy Network ​highlighted the negative impact on students, learning environments and the arts should a 95% capacity target be agreed upon.
A highlight of the evening was a presentation by Andy Yan, a city planner who stunned everyone by citing BC statistics student population predictions for Vancouver, which anticipate an increase of 25,000 school age students by 2041. If this is the case, then the elimination of 7,000 ‘empty seats’ through school closures seem shortsighted indeed!  
​​Read the report here: https://goo.gl/imD28x

The Parent Advocacy Network (PAN) is a grassroots group of parents representing schools across Vancouver who share a deep commitment to public education and are extremely concerned for its future. Its founding members include parents from Dickens Main and Annex. We see an urgent need for schools to connect with one another through advocacy groups to share information and support one another. 

Together we can share research and information about public education and current policies that impact Vancouver schools as well as upcoming advocacy initiatives happening in Vancouver. In this way we see ourselves as supporting and complementing existing groups such as FACE, PENS, DPAC, and BCCPAC in the work they are doing.

If you are interested in learning more about PAN, email us at:

Attend the Panel Discussion regarding the Future of Education in BC - Wednesday, November 25 at the Dickens Main School Library:

Are you concerned about the future of Public Education in BC, and would you like to know how you can advocate for a better future? 

Join us for a Panel Discussion with the Public Education Network Society (PENS). Parents/guardians from other schools are also welcome to attend this event. 

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