Tuesday, November 4

Vote for Education During the Civic Elections!

November 15th, Election Day is fast approaching. During this election, you will be voting for 1 Mayor and 10 Councillors, plus 7 Park Board Commissioners for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and last but certainly not least, 9 School Trustees for the Vancouver School Board. 

Responsible for our school district’s plans, policy and budget, these nine elected individuals will have a profound effect on our children’s education. With budget shortfalls year after year, Trustees are having to make tough choices and decisions. How much do you know about the candidates and the values that will guide their decision-making? Do they align with your own? 

We are sharing information below and other links online which we believe can help you become informed on the candidates and help you make a decision when voting on November 15.

The Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) hosted a Forum recently for candidates running for these School Trustee positions. You can review the DPAC Trustee Bio information at http://goo.gl/RHIySb on the candidates who attended that session. 

Our friends and neighbours on the Advocacy Committee at Tyee Elementary have also been working diligently on issues surrounding education and funding. Their immediate goal is to educate parents on those running for these nine Trustee positions. They have augmented the bios shared by the DPAC and added further notes and commentary about the candidates to help educate parents: Read the Tyee Trustee Bio information at http://goo.gl/Pu5cPk

The Public Education Project is new and they are making history by running candidates only for school board in the upcoming election. They believe public education is a cornerstone of a democratic society. We want education, and the well being of children and youth, to be given priority attention in a civic election. They want School Board Trustees who are elected to fight to defend Public Education. They believe in well-funded, safer, welcoming schools that meet the unique learning needs of all their diverse students. They support free and collective bargaining, not government bullying. They are convinced that a strong voice in the November 2014 civic election for a specifically Public Education party will send a message to the Provincial Government that cannot be ignored. 

Their two candidates - Jane Bouey, Former COPE Trustee and vice-chair of the Vancouver School Board and Gwen Giesbrecht, President of Britannia Community Services Centre Board, and former Chair of the District Parent Advisory Council - have been endorsed by the The Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association. Review the candidates put forth by the Public Education Project at http://publiceducationproject.ca/

Other links to online information that will be helpful:



In the 2011 elections, only about one third of eligible voters in Vancouver cast a ballot. 

This year, your Dickens PAC is encouraging all parents & guardians to cast a vote in November for those candidates who will be strong defenders of our public schools and passionate advocates for the changes that are so desperately needed.

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