Friday, October 31

Resources from Merlyn Horton - Speaker from SOLOS

Merlyn Horton’s highly informative presentation gave parents thought provoking insights on how children of all ages are engaging on social media without fully understanding cyber security and safety, and the impact posted pictures or videos could have on their lives.

She highlighted the increasing rate at which young children are participating in online searches, and joining the world of online gaming, without knowing what is age appropriate.

She concluded that although children do receive some online education at school, e.g. how to prevent cyber abuse/bullying, it has become essential that parents and guardians have chats with their children about online safety and how security options work (or don’t work) on sites which their children have gained access.

In our era of rapidly changing digital technology, she added that it's advisable to create a set of guidelines and family values for your children and teens in regards to the usage of tablets, smart phones and computers. Even if they don't have their own device(s) yet, they'll likely be sharing a friend's/family member's equipment sooner than later.   

This Wednesday evening session was followed up on Thursday with workshops for Grade 4 to 7 students. 

Online Resources and Reports gathered by Merlyn, can be found at: 

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