Tuesday, June 17

Supporting Teachers and Public Education

Dear Dickens Parents/Guardians,


If you support our teachers and are wanting to improve our BC Public Education System but are not sure what to do to help, take one simple action:

If we do not speak directly to our MLA, our Education Minister and our Premier NOWour Public Education will continue to deteriorate!

Write a letter, long or short, about how you feel about the present crisis in our BC Public Education and email to the three addresses below:

Christy Clark  -  premier@gov.bc.ca

Peter Fassbender  -  educ.minister@gov.bc.ca

Mable Elmore   -  mable.elmore.mla@leg.bc.ca     

You can also let the BCTF know how you are feeling about how the strikes are affecting your children! More information at: www.bctf.ca
Letters can be sent to: Jim Iker   -  presidentsoffice@bctf.ca

Thank You for your support!

Dickens PAC 

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