Monday, April 14

Important Message from our School Rep. on the DPAC Executive


Good Morning,

My name is Stefanie Gajdecki and I'm your school representative on the DPAC Executive.

You may have heard lately that the VSB has released the proposed budget for next year.

The DPAC is letting parents know that the reductions greatly affect many students and also those with the most need in the schools.

What you should know

Many cuts have been proposed including eliminating/reducing support for:

1.      Band and String program - elimination (pg. 44)

2.      Speech pathology support  (pg. 51)

3.      Counselor support (pg. 49)

4.      Gifted consultant position - elimination  (pg.46)

5.      School psychologists - (pg. 50)

6.      Resource time for French Immersion (pg. 54)

You'll find the full list in the budget with details starting on page 22.

The full budget can be seen here:

What are parents saying and doing

Parents are very upset and concerned and are coming together this week to speak to the cuts in front of the VSB Trustees. This is our time to tell the VSB Trustees what we think of the budget cuts - you do have a voice in your child's education and you need to use it now! 

What you can do at your school

You can help inform parents at your school immediately or it will be too late to be part of the process.

1.   Please spread the word and find the attached posters and petitions - these are generic and can be re-used at your school. Post the info at your school.

2.   Plan to attend the meetings this week  (April 15 & 16th - details below) I've included two meeting dates this week where parents have a voice and can come together in numbers to let the VSB know how we feel. Bring the signed petitions to the meetings this week or your own custom petition. If you haven't registered to speak we can represent you in the DPAC time slot. 

Meetings parents can attend this week

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm - Mount Pleasant Elementary school gym at 2300 Guelph Street, Vancouver, BC on . Childminding is available. The DPAC will be present.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 8:00 pm - Boardroom, Vancouver Board of Education, 1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC. The DPAC time slot to present is on this day.


Stay connected

Here are ways parents can stay tuned on the latest news via the DPAC updates:

•DPAC Website - e-newsletter signup available:

Thanks for your time.


Stefanie Gajdecki
DPAC Executive member & DPAC Secretary

Our children are the future and deserve a fully funded public education.

Please note: We're reaching out to PAC Chairs and DPAC reps we have on record - If your email address is not accurate please contact Steve Baker so he can update: 

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