Friday, March 14

MUSIC ROOM @ Main School

Dear Dickens Parents,

As you have heard from Anna Maria’s note home we will be losing our dedicated Music Room next year at Dickens due to an increase in student enrolment and the need for another classroom.

We are a group of interested parents who believe that we must make room in our school for all the children in our neighbourhood. We also believe that we cannot lose the dedicated Music Space for our Marimba program. Without dedicated space it will be impossible to continue to deliver a full marimba program to the kids and could mean a very watered down music program at Dickens.

We invite you to join in our strong, quick and decisive response to the Vancouver School Board on this matter. The only hope we have of maintaining a designated space for music at Dickens is for parents to let the Board know how much we value the program.

We want to approach the Vancouver School Board and discuss options to meet both the increased student population and the preservation of a dedicated Music Room at Charles Dickens School.

Dickens Marimba Program is an integral part of the unique education your child receives at Dickens.

In the coming days we will share both facts and details of how you can be part of our campaign to save our dedicated Music Room.

If you want to act right now please send us your testimonials on the positive impact our Dickens Marimba program has had on your child and/or your feelings on the loss of the music classroom at Dickens. We plan to share your thoughts with the VSB.

If you would like join us please email Kathryn @ and be part of the solution.


Kathryn Sutherland (Dickens Parent)
&  Christy Thomas (PAC Co-Chair & Dickens Parent)

On Behalf of a Group of Parents Interested In Saving a Designated Space for Music at Dickens

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