Tuesday, December 9

Christmas / Holiday Sing-A-Long

Deb Copeland & Kathryn Sutherland will be singing Christmas/Holiday Songs every morning during the last week of school: December 15 - 19
Time: 8:30 to 9am. 
Location: Main School Library. 
Everyone is welcome to attend and sing along with them!

Monday, December 8

* Holiday Hamper Wrapping *

We hope you can join us for the Annual Wrapping Parties for the Dickens Holiday Hampers!

There are 2 PARTIES this year to help split up the work and to be flexible for evening & morning availability.

We’ll wrap, chat and enjoy the Holiday spirit! Come for the whole evening / morning or come for an hour - anything you can manage is appreciated!

Lara’s House 1026 East 18th Ave (right across from Dickens Main)

Party #1 - Monday, Dec. 15  6:00pm - 9:30pm 
Bring yourself, your own scissors and wine / beverage of choice. Cheese & treats will be provided.

Party #2 - Tuesday, Dec. 16  9:15am - 12 Noon
Bring yourself and your own scissors. Coffee & treats will be provided.

Please let us know if you’ll be able to make it - many hands make light work - Thanks.

We always have lots of fun - Lara & I look forward to seeing you there - Ho, ho, ho!

Christy & Lara

Email: christy@ctpost.ca
Christy's Cell: 778.686.6131

* Holiday Hampers Reminder *

Friday, Dec 12 is the final day to bring in your gift(s) - Thanks for your support!

Saturday, November 29

* We need your help with Holiday Hampers! *

Please take a tag [or two] from the tree set up at the Main or Annex school, and buy the required gift. Alternately, you can donate gift certificates or money towards gifts. Thank you!

See more details below:

Blog link for "The Math Lady" - Carole Fullerton

If you would like to review some of the math concepts that were discussed at this past Wednesday's presentation, you can go to: www.mindfull.wordpress.com 

Monday, November 24

Reminder: Mathematical Thinking with Carole Fullerton

Find out how you can support your child in becoming a mathematical thinker!  All parents/guardians are invited to attend - childcare will be provided.

Tuesday, November 4

Vote for Education During the Civic Elections!

November 15th, Election Day is fast approaching. During this election, you will be voting for 1 Mayor and 10 Councillors, plus 7 Park Board Commissioners for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and last but certainly not least, 9 School Trustees for the Vancouver School Board. 

Responsible for our school district’s plans, policy and budget, these nine elected individuals will have a profound effect on our children’s education. With budget shortfalls year after year, Trustees are having to make tough choices and decisions. How much do you know about the candidates and the values that will guide their decision-making? Do they align with your own? 

We are sharing information below and other links online which we believe can help you become informed on the candidates and help you make a decision when voting on November 15.

The Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) hosted a Forum recently for candidates running for these School Trustee positions. You can review the DPAC Trustee Bio information at http://goo.gl/RHIySb on the candidates who attended that session. 

Our friends and neighbours on the Advocacy Committee at Tyee Elementary have also been working diligently on issues surrounding education and funding. Their immediate goal is to educate parents on those running for these nine Trustee positions. They have augmented the bios shared by the DPAC and added further notes and commentary about the candidates to help educate parents: Read the Tyee Trustee Bio information at http://goo.gl/Pu5cPk

The Public Education Project is new and they are making history by running candidates only for school board in the upcoming election. They believe public education is a cornerstone of a democratic society. We want education, and the well being of children and youth, to be given priority attention in a civic election. They want School Board Trustees who are elected to fight to defend Public Education. They believe in well-funded, safer, welcoming schools that meet the unique learning needs of all their diverse students. They support free and collective bargaining, not government bullying. They are convinced that a strong voice in the November 2014 civic election for a specifically Public Education party will send a message to the Provincial Government that cannot be ignored. 

Their two candidates - Jane Bouey, Former COPE Trustee and vice-chair of the Vancouver School Board and Gwen Giesbrecht, President of Britannia Community Services Centre Board, and former Chair of the District Parent Advisory Council - have been endorsed by the The Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association. Review the candidates put forth by the Public Education Project at http://publiceducationproject.ca/

Other links to online information that will be helpful:



In the 2011 elections, only about one third of eligible voters in Vancouver cast a ballot. 

This year, your Dickens PAC is encouraging all parents & guardians to cast a vote in November for those candidates who will be strong defenders of our public schools and passionate advocates for the changes that are so desperately needed.

Friday, October 31

Resources from Merlyn Horton - Speaker from SOLOS

Merlyn Horton’s highly informative presentation gave parents thought provoking insights on how children of all ages are engaging on social media without fully understanding cyber security and safety, and the impact posted pictures or videos could have on their lives.

She highlighted the increasing rate at which young children are participating in online searches, and joining the world of online gaming, without knowing what is age appropriate.

She concluded that although children do receive some online education at school, e.g. how to prevent cyber abuse/bullying, it has become essential that parents and guardians have chats with their children about online safety and how security options work (or don’t work) on sites which their children have gained access.

In our era of rapidly changing digital technology, she added that it's advisable to create a set of guidelines and family values for your children and teens in regards to the usage of tablets, smart phones and computers. Even if they don't have their own device(s) yet, they'll likely be sharing a friend's/family member's equipment sooner than later.   

This Wednesday evening session was followed up on Thursday with workshops for Grade 4 to 7 students. 

Online Resources and Reports gathered by Merlyn, can be found at: http://bit.ly/dVSsoJ 

Photos - Pumpkin Patch in the Park

All students at the main and annex schools enjoyed a healthy apple snack and had fun winding their way through the pumpkin patch - the event was hosted by the PAC on Tuesday morning, Oct 28.

Friday, October 10

Save the date! Wed, Oct 29 2014

We'll be hosting the following workshop for parents and guardians on the last Wednesday of October:

Thursday, September 18

School begins Monday - Letter from VSB Superintendent

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are happy to inform you that the 2014/15 School Year will begin Monday, September 22 at 9a.m.

Please Note:
Students entering Grades 1-7 should report to their last year's class at 9a.m. The school day will only be 45 minutes long.

Kindergarten: 10-10:30a.m. Gradual entry info has been sent to parents.

Please also click the link to read a letter from Dr. Steve Cardwell, Superintendent of Schools - Vancouver Board of Education:

Thank you,
Dickens PAC

Friday, September 12

Reminder: Local Parent-led Rally

If you are unable to join Sunday's Rally, consider joining our local (Cedar Cottage-Kensington) rally:

Monday, September 15, 3 - 5 p.m.
Kingsway & Knight St.


Reminder: Rally for Arbitration

Sunday, September 14, 10:00 a.m.
The Vancouver Art Gallery
(North Side)

This is a parent/guardian led rally to get our kids BACK TO SCHOOL!


This is a grassroots parent-driven rally to make our voices heard. The organizers have banded together through Facebook for the common goal of schools resuming.

Please share this with your Facebook friends and community!

Wednesday, September 10


Sunday, September 14, 10:00 am
The Vancouver Art Gallery (North Side)

This is a parent-led rally to get our kids BACK TO SCHOOL!
Please share this with your Facebook friends & community!

If you can't make Sunday's Rally, please join the local (Cedar Cottage) rally:

Monday, September 15, 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Kingsway & Knight St.

Donations to our BC teachers

Dear Parents & Guardians,

If you would like to donate towards the BC Teachers' Federation you can do so at:


Thank you,
Dickens PAC

About Proposal E80

About clause E-80 and the history of the court case:

The BC supreme court's ruling on E-80:

Wednesday, August 27

Rallies to Support Education

Many Dickens parents/guardians have approached us asking how we can support our teachers during the strike.

Here are two rallies that we can attend in support of our teachers:

Friday, August 29 2014
8:00 to 10:00 a.m. - Sponsored by Vancouver Teachers; Rally at the Olympic Village Skytrain Station to support a fair negotiated agreement for teachers.

Tuesday, September 2 2014
5:00 p.m. - Sponsored by the BCTIF; Defend and Celebrate Public Education! Gather at the Vancouver School Board at 1580 West Broadway.

Thank you,
Dickens PAC

Lobbying your MLA

Dear Dickens Parents/Guardians,

In addition to writing letters to the BC Government, see sample letter: http://dickenspac.blogspot.ca/2014/08/school-start-day-and-teachers-strike.html here is another opportunity to lobby government in support of our children and teachers:

VESTA [Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association] is encouraging parents to lobby their local MLA. 

A lobbying session will be held at Adrian Dix's office at 5022 Joyce Street in Vancouver on Thursday, August 28 from 8 to 11a.m. [MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway]

Parents are encouraged to attend to support getting our children back into the classroom!

-Dickens PAC

Tuesday, August 26

School Start Day and Teachers Strike

We all remain hopeful that school will begin on time, however, at this point, here's what we can do:

Below is the copy of a letter sent by the Laura Secord PAC to its parent community plus its two corresponding attachments (see the links below). 

I've included it here for your information and hope that you as a Dickens parent/guardian can participate too. 

There is a belief that "snail mail" letters to government members might be more effective than email, and it's certainly worth a try.

Thank you,
Andrea Sinclair
PAC Chair (Main School)

From Secord PAC to their Parents:

As we reach what should have been the end-point in the Summer break for our children, there has been no movement in the bargaining process between the BCTF and the Liberal Government. As a result, we now face the possibility of the school year not resuming on September 2nd, 2014, which hurts our children and their access to quality education first and foremost.

A fellow parent and concerned citizen has put together the two attached documents. The first provides more details regarding the circumstances of the teacher’s strike. See: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YHr27waZfukYvsDx1jW7lkbYM3O3QWxXwpM8p88b3kY/edit

The second is a letter to the government in support of public education. Click here for the template: 

Please take a moment to read through the info. Sign off, print and mail the letter to the eight Liberal Government Executive addresses below.

Alternately, you can copy and paste the letter so that you can edit it as you see fit, and add in your information and concerns as needed.

It is our goal as a school community to support access to quality Public Education for our children. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, it is imperative that we put pressure on the Liberal Government and the BCTF to resume talks and for teachers and staff to return to the classroom in September, for the sake of our children and their future.


Christy Clark, Premier and President of the Executive Council
Box 9041
Victoria, BC  V8W 9E1

Peter Fassbender, BC Minister of Education
301 A – 15930 Fraser Highway
Surrey, BC  V4N 0X8

Suzanne Anton, Minister of Justice
112-2609 E. 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5S 1J9

Stephanie Cadieux, Minister of Children and Family Development
101 – 5658 176th Street
Surrey, BC
V3S 4C6

Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services
5640 Dunbar Street
Vancouver, BC
V6N 1W7

Coralee Oaks, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
644A Front Street
Quesnel, BC
V2J 2K8

Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance
103 – 32660 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 4V6

Don McRae, Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation
437 5th Street
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1J7

Tuesday, July 8

PAC Executive for 2014/15

Welcome to the PAC Executive for 2014-2015 

Congratulations to your newly elected PAC Executive for the coming school year!

Chair Main - Andrea Sinclair
Chair Annex - Rossana Caritey
Treasurer - Kelly Maxwell
Secretary - Andy Mitchell (possible co-share with Nicole Nozick)
Members at Large - Hayley Baines, Deb Copeland, Tami Friesen, Leone Hall, Ania Jakobs, Sunya Lai, Sharon Mishler, Christy Thomas, Scott Urquhart.*

*Additional members can still be elected to the executive in September 2014. 

Sunday, June 22

Special Lunch Program


Due to the current situation and the monies already paid and submitted, please note the following:

- ALL families of Grade 7 students will receive a reimbursement via mail.

- Two "make-up" lunches will be provided for ALL other families who have already paid for the two missed lunches, BEFORE any further Lunch Plans unfold for the Fall of 2014. 

If you have any questions, please contact our school principal, Anna Maria Niccoli-Mullett at: aniccolimu@vsb.bc.ca

- Not all parents/guardians have subscribed to our blog. Please email this message to friends who may not be subscribed to our PAC Blog.

Dickens PAC

Thursday, June 19

Reminder: Mural Painting Volunteers Required!


This is a reminder that the Glen Drive Mural Painting Party is taking place this Friday, June 20 and Saturday June 21, with Sunday June 22 as a potential extra painting day.

Painting will take place from approximately 9am to 5pm each day. Children over 5 are welcome to take part but each child must be supervised by an adult. 

Participants are encouraged to bring an old towel or blanket to kneel/sit on, and to wear paint-appropriate clothing and sunscreen. Light refreshments are provided.

Any time that you can volunteer to help would be most appreciated - no matter how short. This is a big job and can't be done without the help of our wonderful community! 

The City of Vancouver has hired mural artist Ashley Guindon to lead this project. Please contact Ashley directly at info@ashleyguindon.com if you are interested in volunteering for this project. 

Thank you so much!

See more details at:

Postponed: Potluck Picnic for Grade 7's

Dear Grade 7 Parents & Students,

Due to the poor weather, we have decided to postpone our picnic for tonight (Thursday, June 19) to next week Tuesday, June 24 at 6pm - Dickens Annex Park (Glen Park).

Thanks and hope to see you there!
Aideen Clery

Tuesday, June 17

Reminder: PAC Elections this Wednesday!

The final PAC General Meeting for this school year will still be held Wed. June 18th at 7:00 pm on the Glen Drive Community Street (outside the main school). 

The focus of this meeting is the election of your PAC team for the 2014-2015 school year.

See more info at:

Supporting Teachers and Public Education

Dear Dickens Parents/Guardians,


If you support our teachers and are wanting to improve our BC Public Education System but are not sure what to do to help, take one simple action:

If we do not speak directly to our MLA, our Education Minister and our Premier NOWour Public Education will continue to deteriorate!

Write a letter, long or short, about how you feel about the present crisis in our BC Public Education and email to the three addresses below:

Christy Clark  -  premier@gov.bc.ca

Peter Fassbender  -  educ.minister@gov.bc.ca

Mable Elmore   -  mable.elmore.mla@leg.bc.ca     

You can also let the BCTF know how you are feeling about how the strikes are affecting your children! More information at: www.bctf.ca
Letters can be sent to: Jim Iker   -  presidentsoffice@bctf.ca

Thank You for your support!

Dickens PAC 

Childcare Suggestions

The following organizations listed below are holding Camps during the strike, to assist with child care:

Contact Phoenix  Gymnastics at at 604.737.7693 
or email info@phoenixgymnastics.com

Register online, by phone at 604-737-7693, or in person.

Email: bc@pedalheads.com
Tel: 604-874-6464                

Flow Mountain Biking Camps 
Email: info@flowcamps.com
tel: 1-888-886-6464

UBC Camps - Job Action Programs
See exclusive deals with the UBC Camps Crew Card and more!

MPNH - Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Sassamat Outdoor Centre

Friday, June 13

Photos - SPRING FLING 2014

Thanks to Everyone who came out to SPRING FLING on May 29, 2014! 

Photos taken at the event are now up, and can be see at:


Mural Painting Volunteers Required


As you may be aware, your PAC has been working with the City of Vancouver on revitalizing the closed off street between Sunnyside Park and the Main school. The City of Vancouver recently resurfaced the asphalt, created new bike access ramps and installed three new benches. Members of PAC and volunteer parents planted lovely new gardens at each end of the Community Street.

The final phase of this project is to paint a mural on the Asphalt with the help of our community members.  We need volunteers to help out with this project!

The painting will happen on Friday, June 20 and Saturday, June 21 with Sunday, June 22 as a potential extra painting day. 

Painting will be from approx: 9am - 5pm each day

We really need your help to complete this final phase of the Glen Drive Community Street! 

Drop by and paint for an hour or two or longer if you are really into painting! Children over 5 years old are welcome to take part but must be supervised by an adult. 

The City of Vancouver has hired mural artist Ashley Guindon to lead this project. Please contact Ashley directly at info@ashleyguindon.com if you are interested in volunteering for this project. 

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing community!

The details on the project and the mural design can be seen below (click on the image to enlarge)

Final PAC General Meeting for 2014


The final General Meeting for this school year will still be held Wed. June 18th at 7:00 pm on the Glen Drive Community Street (outside the main school). 

We will have some chairs and will be near the new benches. The meeting has only two agenda items. We will try to keep the meeting brief but we need your support, so please plan to attend.

The focus of this meeting is the election of your PAC team for the 2014-2015 school year. We invite all parents, from K to Grade 7 from both schools, to attend and vote or to perhaps put your name forward to be on the PAC. Your elected Executive is the connector to help maintain strong parent-school relations.

We encourage all parents to get more involved with the school community and being on the PAC is a wonderful way to do that. The parents on the PAC work for the school and their efforts directly benefit the kids! There is great flexibility so you don’t have to be a stay-at-home parent to get involved.

Come out on June 18 to hear more about PAC projects and positions or contact Christy (current PAC Chair) in advance:  christy@ctpost.ca 

Childminding and snacks provided. 

Tuesday, June 10

Potluck Picnic for Grade 7's

Grade 7 Potluck Picnic in the Park

Who:   Grade 7 students and families from Dickens
What:  Potluck picnic in the park: Bring something to share, plates and utensils for your family, chairs and sports equipment for games etc.
Where: Glen Park (beside Dickens Annex @ Glen Dr. & 24th)
When:  Thursday, June 19th at 6pm
Why:    To celebrate and say farewell  

Sunday, May 25

Inviting others to SPRING FLING 2014

It's been set up!

You can invite your friends and family members to SPRING FLING using our Facebook invitation https://www.facebook.com/events/1492090314354163/?ref=22

Thanks very much in helping us to get the word out!
Charles Dickens PAC 

Friday, May 23

SPRING FLING is next week!

Don't forget to invite your friends and family!

Thursday - May 29, 2014  (4 to 8pm)

A fun-filled event for all ages - Come and enjoy a wonderful celebration of our school and community!

This is the Dickens PAC main fundraiser to support field trips, school programs & facilities and classroom supplies.

Bouncy Castle - NEW Games - Giant Slide - Face Painting - Photo Booth - Dunk Tank - Bake Sale - Delicious FOOD - Cake Walk - Made It Gifts - Plants - Live Music - Silent Auction - Mini Obstacle Course - and lots more!

Check out our updates on Facebook and get a heads-up on the Silent Auction items!!!  https://www.facebook.com/dickensspringfling
Two fabulous auction donations of note:
* Thule Roof Box valued at $1140 from RackAttack
* 5 Night Stay at an Oceanfront Condo in Cabo San Lucas

Keep watching as more items are being added daily!
* Bring your chequebook/cash and go home with your item that night.


Friday, May 16

Volunteer @ SPRING FLING!

We still need VOLUNTEERS!

Please give a couple hours of your time on or before May 29 to help make this terrific event a success!

We especially require more hands from 6 to 8p.m.

Contact Celia at cbrinkerhoff@telus.net

Do you have Kids Books to donate?

Drop off gently used children’s books at Room 144 (Division 2) anytime from now until Friday, May 23rd. All monies raised will go to the Charles Dickens ChildRun Team "Dickens for Dawn" - see more info below:  


See list below. If you have any questions, contact Christy at christy@ctpost.ca

Silent Auction Donations

Are you or your business able to make a donation to the Silent Auction this year? 
If yes, contact Gail Hallett at ghallett00@shaw.ca   - Thank you!
See examples below.


April 9 2014 PAC Exec Meeting

Christy Thomas                             Co-Chair Main
Deb Copeland                               Co-Chair Main
Kerryn Williams                             Co-Chair Annex
Andrea Sinclair                              Vice Chair Main
Kelly Maxwell                                Treasurer
Phil Benson                                    Co-Secretary
Nicole Nozick                                 Co-Secretary
Andrea Mitchell                            Member at Large
Rachelle Leduc                              Member at Large
Tami Friesen                                  Member at Large
Anne-Marie Long                         Member at Large
Anna Maria Niccili-Mullett         Principal Charles Dickens Elementary
Karl Graham                                   Vice Principal Charles Dickens Main
Lisa Nucich                                      Vice Principal Charles Dickens Annex

Brad White                                     Vice Chair Annex
Aasia Paterson                              Member at Large
Ania Jakobs                                    Member at Large
Jenny Pronovost                           Member at Large
Leone Hall                                       Member at Large
Mimi Wong                                     Member at Large
Scott Urquhart                              Member at Large
Judith Steedman                          Member at Large
Cathy Golf                                       Member at Large

1. Agenda for tonight’s meeting was passed.

2. Minutes of last (March 2014) meeting were approved.

3. Principal’s Report – Anna Maria

-          Thanked everyone for support since Dawn passed

-          Call to parents for thoughts on which classes they’d like their kids placed in next year.  Parents thoughts are considered but final decision belongs to staff.  Main school feedback form sent out today (9-April) and requested back by 1-May.  Annex feedback will be requested by a form sent home to parents (sent out 1-May, requested back by 25-May).  Forms should be handed in at the office.

-          Noted that families are advocating for a separate music space in a very respectful manner.  Many thanks for that.

-          Anna Maria has invited Paul Nichols to attend the next PAC Executive meeting to discuss his thoughts for the Main School’s music program for 2014/2015.  Andrea Sinclair suggested that Paul attend the PAC General Meeting in late April (Anna Maria will check with Paul).

-          Anna Maria noted that the Main School owns almost a complete class set of guitars.  Some consideration has been given to this considering they don’t have the same noise impact associated with marimbas.

-          Anna Maria noted that school attendance for 2014/2015 is quite tight.  The school might not be able to accommodate cross boundary siblings.

-          2014/2015 calendars will be out to families by end of May.  Administration has heard requests by parents to align pro-D days at the Main School & Annex.  Deb Copeland to remind Karl to look into publishing electronic calendar that can be used by smart phones, etc.

4.       4.  Vice Principal’s Report – Main School (Karl Graham)

-          Considering setting up a Twitter account for the Main School.

-          Deb Copeland mentioned she has heard of a school that puts each day’s morning announcements on Twitter.

-          Satisfaction surveys (anonymous) have been started for Grade 4’s.  Those for Grade 7 start tomorrow.

5.       Vice Principal’s Report – Annex (Lisa Nucich)

-          Annex also has a Twitter account but not much activity yet.

-          Dalai Lama Peace & Education Centre came to Annex last week to discuss kindness.

-          Dance Week is this week and is going well.

-          Grade 3 Egg Drop later this month.

6.       Treasurer Report (Kelly Maxwell)

-          Refer to treasurer’s report

7.       Fund Allocation Strategy for Next Year

-          Teacher concerns this year about disbursements are attributed to a bit of confusion around changing administration.  Anna Maria to discuss with staff.

-          There will be more discussion about how to budget allocations for 2014/2015 at the May PAC Exec Meeting.

8.       Greenway Discussion (Andrea Mitchell)

-          Agreed that boulevard planting volunteer work party to be done immediately after work on Friday 25-April.  Andy estimates she will need 10-20 people.

-          Painting budget issues.  VSB is low bidder but is not permitted to do the painting on city property (union issues).  Andrea & Karl are looking into this.

-          Would like to have a greenway potluck barbeque party when the work is complete.

-          Anna Maria to check with VSB insurer if they can insure a PAC project that takes place on City property.  It might be appropriate for VSB insurer to talk to the City’s insurer.

9.       Integrating Grade 4’s into Dickens Main from Annex (Kerryn Williams)

-          Kerryn suggested there could be a buddy system that enables the ex-Annex kids to come up to speed faster (similar to the system provided for new kids).

-          Karl advised that there is already an orientation program in place for the ex-Dickens Grade 4’s.  Administration is happy to hear of any concerns or issues encountered previously so that this program can be optimized.

10.  Dawn Memorial (Saturday)

-          Anna Maria noted that the obituary indicated that all are welcome.

-          Kelly Maxwell noted PAC has already given a $200 donation for this issue.

-          Anna Maria suggested that PAC revisit making some kind of tribute after the memorial is over.

-          Christy will put a card in the PAC box by the end of Thursday 10 April for PAC members to sign.  It will be given to the family at the memorial on Saturday.

11.  Spring Fling Update (Andrea Mitchell)

-          Meeting next Wednesday 16-April at Cedar Cottage Pub.

-          Noted that last year’s photo booth person is unavailable.  To rent one is $500 so Andy is putting out the word to see if anyone else is out there.

-          Christy will put letter templates for requesting donations in the PAC box.

12.  Loss of Designated Music Space (Christy Thomas)

-          There is a team still concentrating on finding an “extra space” that will not impact on any spots for new students.

-          Another committee meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (10-April) to evaluate options.

-          At this time the number one option appears to be addition of a portable but it seems unlikely.

-          Apparently a music space was promised when the Main School was first built and now the committee is looking for documentation.

13.  Upcoming Events

-          30 April – General Meeting / School Plan

-          14 May – PAC Executive Meeting

-          29 May – Spring Fling!

14.  New Business

-          Concerns about dogs on field and associated signage.   Scott Urquhart may come to see Karl directly about this.

-          Christy suggested that people start to think about PAC positions for next year.

-          Nicole articulated concerns about kids’ safety on the Internet.  Should there be some instruction on this by the teachers?  Lisa Nucich indicated that teachers do talk about this with students but there is no formal curriculum.  Anna Maria indicated that it is tough to teach at the school because so many websites are already blocked at the schools.  Is there a speaker program that PAC could fund next year?