Sunday, March 5

Summer Makeover for the Dickens PAC Blog

Hello Dickens Parents/Guardians and Friends,

Are you a Digital Artist also skilled in Blog Design?

Would you be willing to help us with a basic makeover for the Dickens PAC? e.g. Changing the layout template, creating a new header and optimizing the sidebars etc

We’ve been running on Google’s Blogger since 2011 at |  To date we’ve used feedburner (owned but no longer serviced by Google) for signing up Dickens subscribers — however, we are possibly looking to switch to MailChimp as this is a more stable email platform.

If you can assist with this makeover or have a friend that you can refer to us, please contact Leone at

Potential Timeline: The makeover has to take place over the month of July 2017, while school is out, but we can work according to your schedule through July.

Thank you,
Dickens PAC Exec

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