Tuesday, February 7

Seeking a New Lead for SPRING FLING's Silent Auction

The Silent Auction at SPRING FLING generates more than 50% of the funds raised for the Dickens Main & Annex schools. 

It’s a pretty important role, and could be a great resumé booster as well as a fun opportunity to connect with other parents! Will you lead it?

This lead role could be split to share the responsibilities, and would be supported by a team of Dickens' parent/guardian volunteers.

It entails the following:

Manage Donations
  • Solicit donations based on last year's contact list
  • Collect/Catalogue/Store donations at the school
  • Wrap [some items—can be done as a wrapping party with parent volunteers]
  • Value and set minimum bids [there's a nifty spreadsheet you'll be given by last year's stellar Silent Auction Lead—it will do the calculations for you]

Manage the Event
  • Setup on the Day of the SPRING FLING
  • Bidding/Payment/Security [with support from the PAC Treasurer]

Manage the Wrap Up
  • Distribution of items to winning bidders not picked up on the event day
  • Draft and distribute Thank You letters to donors [can use last year’s letter as a template]

Average time commitment is 3 to 6 hours per week from now through to the event. It then gets very busy during the final two weeks leading up to SPRING FLING and the day of the event: Thursday, June 1, 2017

If you would like to volunteer as the Lead for Silent Auctions or need more info about this role, email OR contact Tamara Shand at

Thank you.

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