Tuesday, June 28

PAC AGM & Elections - June 22, 2016

Many thanks to those who were able to attend - it helps to have quorum as we had to vote in the 2016-17 budget. We are sitting well financially, as we are fortunate to have such an engaged and giving community. There were only a few small motions to tidy loose ends, and Tiffany Searchfield did well in "closing our books" for the year.

Tamara Shand has stepped forward to take on the Main Chair role but we are still hoping for another parent to help co-chair with her, as she is already committed to leading SPRING FLING! Carol Duffy has stepped forward to be Annex Chair and working with Tamara, they will make excellent leaders for the PAC Executive.  

While some are ending their term with the PAC Exec, we hope Parents & Guardians will continue to volunteer at our schools throughout the new year where possible. If you'd like to join us in September and be voted in at our next executive meeting, do not hesitate to contact us at dickens.pac@gmail.com

Your new 2016-17 PAC Executive

Chair Main - Tamara Shand
Chair Annex - Carol Duffy
Treasurer - Tiffany Searchfield
Secretary - Amanda George

Members at Large:

Our DPAC Rep - Shaun Kalley 
Our past Chair - Andrea Sinclair 
Amy Stanley
Christy Thomas        
Genevieve Creighton
Kerryn Williams
Lara Penno                
Leone Hall      
Megan Crouch
Tami Friesen
Vira Jackson

Members at Large to be voted in at our September Exec. Meeting:

Anne Marie Long
Kelly Maxwell
Sharon Mishler
Tamara Cotton

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