Tuesday, April 19

Personal Note from our PAC Chair

It's time for a new parent/guardian to lead the PAC Exec and it's urgent that someone (or two) step up and take this on!

Why do we need a new PAC Chair (or two Co-Chairs) for 2015-16?

1) All School PACs must have a Chair or two Co-Chairs. These roles are required by an Excecutive Council. 
2) To ensure succession planning, and ensure the new Chair(s) and new members can leverage the knowledge and understanding of those who've done the role before while they are still parents/guardians at the school.

I've heard people say, and I am truly flattered, that "these are big shoes to fill". However, I would say they are only as big as you make them, and the role is what you make it! No PAC Chair has ever been the same and each person's approach is always unique.

This year, we have a large group of 24 wonderful, passionate and helpful individuals making up our PAC Exec. Council. Each of them is working on one or more projects throughout the year. While you may not always see them at a meeting, they are there quietly working, often behind the scenes. 

My children will be entering Grade 7 in September this year. While I'll continue to be on the PAC Exec to help guide and advise the new chair, it's key that another parent/guardian is elected as Chair and takes on this role. And given my own personal commitments with work and home, I do need to step down and pass on the role to the next person(s).

So the Chair/Co-chairs isn't a team of one or two. You do not have to be at school everyday, and you are never working alone or on everything. It takes the efforts and diligence of the entire team to make the PAC Exec Council run smoothly but yes the team does need a leader or two!

I therefore invite you to consider taking on this role. You can lead and can make a positive difference to the Dickens Schools in your own way! I will happily meet to discuss the role with you. Please contact me for a chat, at

Andrea Sinclair
Current Dickens PAC Chair

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