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VSB Strategic Plan and Public Consultations - fill in the survey by February 21

The VSB is seeking feedback from parents, staff and students on the creation of a new Strategic Plan (this is different to the Long Range Facilities Plan and the input being sought for that). 

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, it's important we as parents provide input and have our voices heard! 

The strategic plan will have real implications for funding decisions around programming, staffing and resource distribution across the district. This is a great opportunity for parents/guardians, teachers and all other stakeholders to give their feedback! 

We need to capitalize on this chance and encourage everyone in our networks to fill in the survey, candidly and thoughtfully.

What is the Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan is a blueprint that sets the educational priorities of the Board for the next five years. To review the previous strategic plan (2011-2016) go to http://www.vsb.bc.ca/sites/default/files/publication-files/VSB_StrategicPlanandgoalsJan302012.pdf

The Strategic Plan is based on the following questions:
  • How can we make sure that all students have equal access to quality education?
  • How can we engage our students to reach their full potential?
  • What role should our schools play in their communities?
  • How do we set priorities and use resources most efficiently?

How can you get involved?

1. Fill in the survey - http://fluidsurveys.com/s/VSB2021/ - Deadline is Sunday, Feb. 21.

Issues to consider that relate to our PAN (Parent Advocacy Network) mandate for high quality, accessible and equitable public education for all children are noted below - these may assist you in answering this survey.

-Choice schools are not accessible to all and can undermine diversity in neighbourhood schools. Neighbourhood schools are the key to community strength. The Board should prioritize and advocate for their preservation. Surplus capacity should be addressed through right-sizing and/or partially repurposing spaces.

-All schools should provide ongoing supported curricular elementary education in Visual Arts, Music and Drama, and have access to a Library staffed by a Teacher Librarian.

-Resources (learning materials, musical instruments, sports and science equipment) must be equal across schools, not dependent on the fundraising ability of individual PACs and communities.

-Expand food programs to children at risk and continue to advocate with the ministry for more poverty reduction funding.

-Children with special needs should be provided with intervention programs, workers and teachers trained to build the specific skills and independence they require to succeed and integrate. 

-The new curriculum’s emphasis on personalized and hands-on learning, collaboration, creative problem solving and technology must be supported with funding for sufficient training, staffing and appropriate spatial requirements necessary for its implementation.

-The advancement of technology in schools must be balanced by careful consideration of child health, child privacy and the cost of equipment/infrastructure.  It should not come at the expense of relational building between teachers and between students.

-All schools and not just new schools with Neighbourhood Learning Centres should have adequate space for Arts, Recreation and Services that would serve the unique needs of each community.

2. Attend the "Ideas Fair" on Thursday, Feb.18 from 4-7pm at Prince of Wales Secondary, 2250 Eddington Drive, Vancouver. This will be an open public forum, drop-in style.

3. Attend the Open House on Thursday, April 21 from 4-7pm at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, 419 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver. 

How can I get info updates going forward?

If you're interested, you can sign up for VSB email updates at:

They have also posted an informative animated video: 

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