Saturday, January 30

New PAC Chair needed for 2016-17

One of the key positions for the PAC Executive to secure for the 2016-17 school year is the role of PAC Chair. For the past two years, Andrea Sinclair has held this position and, like her predecessor, she has improved the post and has helped to make it more structured with documentation and processes to guide new members. 

The Chair doesn't work alone. It's just one part of the larger Executive Team (we have 26 members this year) who all work together, each taking on different roles and responsibilities throughout the year. 

As the Exec's goal is to ensure succession planning and continuity, and as Andrea's kids will move into Grade 7 in September, we need to find a new person to take on the role of Chair. Andrea will finish out the current school year of course, and will be there "behind the scenes" next year to help orient and guide the new Chair.

While we don't hold elections until June 2016, we do need to begin our search for willing candidates - we are looking to YOU, our next generation of parents, to take on this role! 

This role can be done by those currently on PAC or by a parent who has been on a PAC before or even by a parent who has never been on the PAC Exec. The new Chair is fully supported by both the Exec Team and the Past Chair. It's a team working together!

Like all positions on the PAC Exec, this is a volunteer position and the individual will become a member of the PAC Exec with the same voting rights as the other members. 

For the interested parent/guardian, at either the Annex or the Main, becoming the PAC Chair:
- is good experience and is a great resume builder 
- provides the ability to be part of a team and bring the goals of the PAC through to fruition through supporting the students, staff and funding programs at both the Main & Annex 
- requires 5-10 hours per week with online/offsite work (you don't need to be at the school); the number of hours depends on the time of year
- requires a 1hr per month meeting with the School Admin Team (flexible)
- requires attendance to one PAC Exec meeting per month during the school year
- requires someone who can multi-task and is comfortable leading a meeting

More details are found in the PAC Bylaws and Constitution

Sound like you or someone you know?  If you are curious or interested or have any questions or concerns, we urge you to please email Andrea Sinclair at:

Thank you,
Dickens PAC

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