Sunday, February 1

Resources from Kari Marken - Creating Successful Students

Below are some resources discussed at this past Wednesday's workshop:

Mindset, Success and Motivation
(A story about how our expectations of children can influence ‘successful’ behavior)

Brain Development and what to expect/how to prepare for the tween & teen years (A great way to talk about the brain to children)

Grit (People to talk about with your kids and ask ‘how did they do that?’ what were the day to day actions/habits/behaviors they enacted to accomplish what they accomplished? These are their peers.) (This is one of my favorite examples of the positive result of grit, tenacity, creativity and problem-solving - watch it and ask yourselves, “Are we trying to teach our children to do big, dramatic things in life or are we trying to teach them to simply go from being stuck to unstuck in the messiness of life, and to stick with it to accomplish our own versions of greatness?")

What does Learning look like? What is it for? Three video reminders:

(A powerful answer to the question, “What is education for?”)

PowerPoint slides from Kari's presentation:

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