Wednesday, January 21

Send letters to the VSB today! re: Enrolment Pressures

As you heard on Friday (Jan 16) and in the follow-up correspondence from the PAC (Jan 18), there is a Committee II meeting at the VSB (1580 West Broadway) today: Wednesday, January 21 at 5p.m. to discuss and make recommendations about "enrolment pressures" at Dickens. The meeting has been changed to the Boardroom to accommodate more people - Please come, if you can!

The VSB needs to hear from Dickens parents! Parents were at the Main & Annex this morning to collect signatures on a petition. 

Please also send an email to the trustees today before the meeting, to voice your concerns: A sample letter (similar to the requests on the petition) can be seen at this link:

Feel free to edit this sample letter as you wish and sign your name. 

Emails should be sent to the VSB Trustees:

and, if you wish, cc to Anna Maria (Dickens Principal) at

Many thanks!
Dickens PAC

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