Monday, January 12

October 15, 2014 PAC Exec Meeting

Andrea Sinclair                                Chair Main (Chaired)
Rosanna Caritey                              Chair at Annex
Kelly Maxwell                                   Treasurer
Rochelle Tucker                              Member at Large (Acting Secretary)
Deb Copeland                                  Member at Large
Christy Thomas                               Member at Large
Leone Hall                                         Member at Large
Andy Mitchell                                   Member at Large
Tami Friesen                                     Member at Large
Ania Jakobs                                       Member at Large
Scott Urquhart                                 Member at Large
Helene deMonye                            Member at Large
Judith Steedman                             Member at Large

Anna Maria Niccili‐Mullett         Principal Main
Lisa Nucich                                        Vice Principal Annex

Sunya Lai Thom                               Member at Large (Resigning from PAC)
Lara Penno                                        Co-Secretary
Nicole Nozick                                   Co-Secretary
Hayley Baines                                   Member at Large
Naomi Lazarus                                 Member at Large
Sharon Mishler                                 Member at Large

Nik Chiu                                              Vice Principal Main

1.       Welcome

2.      Agenda for tonight’s meeting approved (Christy 1st / Scott 2nd / Passed)

3.       Minutes approved from Exec Meeting October 1, 2014 (Kelly 1st / Christy 2nd / Passed)

4.      Andrea S. Note: Sunya Lai Thom is unable to commit to PAC this year; too many alternative commitments. She has stepped down from PAC Executive.

5.       Administrative Update Highlights - Anna Maria
1.       Staffing Update - Paul Nichols on a leave until December; welcoming Gord Robertson who started as of Tuesday; specialty in choral singing (also has awareness of instruments).
2.      New technologies - in addition to PAC technology fund; and looking at priorities as a school - Dickens is part of Elementary hardware equity initiative (20 schools part of the pilot); 20 iPad minis; 2 Macbook Airs; Apple TV and LCD projector - for next 3 years on pilot loan; tower of minis have arrived; teacher training will follow shortly; funded by partnership with agency through the VSB; at the end of three years infrastructure to be returned; technology is coming to the Main; teams of staff will do workshops; pilot follows on pilot from last year that had other schools participating; Dickens selected on the basis of a needs assessment that took place last year; own initiatives will move forward as well but our initiatives may be tweaked as a result of our participation in the pilot.

Question for Admin. re: distribution of the technology across classrooms. Private donors in past years had donated computers to classrooms. Karim teams up with Tami to enable other students to use the computers. VSB has more flexibility now regarding use of different types of technology. Challenge is with equity. Anything provided by VSB (anything in terms of learning resources) can be accessed but requires teacher initiative/teacher autonomy. All kids have opportunity to use resources in the library.

3.       Internet ‘in house’ blocks are in place for internet safety.
4.      We have rescheduled our September Pro D Day for Fri. May 29.

Annex Admin Update - Lisa
1.       Thanks to PAC / Christy for pulling out t-shirts for cross country club.
Large turnout at cross-country meet.
2.      ‘VP for the Day’ last Thursday was a success (Sophia).
3.       Goal setting conferences are next week.
4.      Three SFU students will arrive next week for training (Marnie, Jackie and Irene).

6.      Treasurer Update
Any funds that are carried forward will remain in their school designations. Kelly to discuss with Viv (clarifying if there are outstanding receipts). Kelly will have Viv contact people with unspent commitments from 2013-2014;
44.17 to the Annex; 2845 to the Main; unspent funds will roll back into the total funds available for 2014-2015 and teachers will be asked to reapply for funding.
We still have to hear from BC Gaming about funding for this year.
We received a $20 donation to the Holiday Hamper fund.
Spring Fling actual changed; now 18,509. Goal for 2014-2015 will be 20,000!
Cheque for babysitting has gone to Viv for PAC meeting babysitters.

Kelly provided bank statements for people to inspect at the meeting. Suggestion for a financial committee to oversee money to insure transparency. We will revisit this at a future meeting.

Motion moved by Kelly and seconded by Dec, passed by all for $5000 from general funds to the Main; $1500 of general funds to the Annex. PIN money at Main and Annex as follows:
21 divisions X $200 each = 4200.00
Plus the library 1 x $200 = 200.00
Plus 2 x prep teachers + 4 x resource teachers = 600.00
Total main pin money: $5000.00

6 divisions X $200 each = 1200.00
Plus the library 1 x $200 = 200.00
Plus 1 x resource teachers = 100.00
Total annex pin money: $1500.00

PIN administered through office. Teachers collect receipts and are reimbursed.

Teachers will be informed tomorrow at the staff meeting by Anna Maria. This will be separate from the application process. There was discussion about whether this should be a line item on the budget. Decided against.

Question re: communication between teachers and the PAC?
The current process is that during staff advisory committee meetings (teacher led with administration as guests), Anna Maria shares health and safety updates and PAC updates where she shares salient items and then there are discussion items for q and a. Meetings are held weekly.
PAC chairs will also come to meetings. Last year, due to Anna Maria’s absence in the fall, there were some miscommunications. Parents are also encouraged to talk to the teachers if concerns arise. Agendas are full as time constraints real/crammed agendas.

There was some discussion about whether a teacher rep to the PAC/point person to talk to (to enable teachers to talk with us); to facilitate communication. Teachers are invited to the general meetings as well.

7.               Disbursements
Form was distributed for discussion by Andrea S.
We disburse money based upon requests. We have updated the online form and created a FAQ document for the teachers. For the disbursement process this year, we are following these. Goal is to give the online link and FAQ sheet to the teachers by Friday. This will give the teachers 4 weeks to submit before our Nov. meeting.
Teachers can also count on $10/child for field trips from BC Gaming money. The teachers do not have to plan those events at this point in time. Parents and/or teachers can apply to the PAC for disbursement funds. PAC members to provide feedback to Andrea S on forms.

There are complexities attached to creating clubs (space, volunteering/criminal record checks, etc.). If parents are interested, staff must be informed about the initiative first. There are currently 5 parent led initiatives at the Main, who have all gone through the process in previous years.
At the Annex, significant space challenges. Also challenges regarding custodian.

Question: Can Annex kids join clubs at Dickens Main? Yes, grade dependent. Kids from the Annex participate in chess club.

8.      Project Leads
We will lump PAC General ‘chair’ responsibilities with speaker responsibilities.
Scott will do refreshments at EXEC meetings.
Rochelle will do sports day table and work with Helene to help organize speakers.
Christy will do hampers with Lara
Christy will do refreshments for Nov. general meeting; we will rotate for refreshments for other general meetings.
People who did not attend EXEC today will be asked to volunteer; we will ask parent reps from last year to see if someone wants to be the organizer.

9.      Greenway
Andy has quotes from two farms and we will go with farm in Delta - 650 pumpkins and apples price $1134; propose Tues Oct 28. Will include 630 kids. Celebration of the Greenway/Return during the school day.
Motion that we have a Pumpkin Patch for the kids with a budget of approximately $1400
Seconded by Christy Thomas.
Money to come from leftover gaming money leftover from 2013-2014.
Anna Maria and Lisa will discuss issues with teachers.

Discussion of what to do with $10,000 from playground funds tabled to December 10 meeting.

10.   Staff Appreciation Lunch - Friday April 24th/2015.
Will be held in Gym at the Annex for the day / Green area as weather permits.
Deb & Nicole organizing.

11.   Educational Funding
There is parent interest in lobbying for proper funding in all schools. Significant issue for children with special needs/assistance. Naomi expressed interest. We need to find parents with experience in lobbying to join in these efforts. Suggestion to form a committee.
Support for BC Students - Facebook initiative. Current membership of 19,000.
Christy will let parents know of interest via parent emails and school newsletter.

12.   BCCPAC magazine is out and is available in the box.
Andrea S. spoke to DPAC rep - both BCCPAC and DPAC are advocacy groups; get small funding from govt, both have had cuts; anyone can stand to be elected to DPACS. There are currently three positions open on the DPAC but there are people on leave because they are running for civil elections. They meet twice monthly. They hold an AGM (where general elections happen). There are 5 committees (listed on VSB website) and as DPAC members can sit as non-voting members can sit on various committees. If there is interest in pushing an agenda forward, get a parent on DPAC. Suggestion was made for this information to be communicated via blog/newsletter.
No money comes from DPAC any longer.
Less information about BCCPAC.
Andrea S suggested that we pay the $75 for BCCPAC membership.
She will investigate this further to find out who is getting money.
Decision tabled to next meeting.

13.    Lice
Is there interest in sponsoring a lice screening at the school? Darlene does screenings and has packages available. $3 for per child or $8 per child (3 X year). We are unable to do consistent head checking. Tricky now with school privacy regulations to have lice checking at school. Discussion. We will move this issue to a speaker event instead.

14.   Other business
Deb raised questions regarding ONLINE calendar for both schools. Lisa and Anna Maria will follow up.

Rochelle to follow up with Naomi regarding fundraising from strike cheques.

Crossing guard on Kingsway. Requires training by VPD. 

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