Monday, January 12

October 1, 2014 PAC Exec Meeting

Andrea Sinclair                                Chair Main
Rossanna Caritey                            Chair at Annex
Kelly Maxwell                                   Treasurer
Nicole Nozick                                   Co-Secretary (took Minutes)
Lara Penno                                        Co-Secretary
Hayley Baines                                   Member at Large
Deb Copeland                                  Member at Large
Helene deMonye                            Member at Large
Tami Friesen                                     Member at Large
Leone Hall                                         Member at Large
Ania Jakobs                                       Member at Large
Naomi Lazarus                                 Member at Large
Sharon Mishler                                 Member at Large
Andy Mitchell                                   Member at Large
Lara Penno                                        Co-Secretary
Judith Steedman                             Member at Large
Christy Thomas                               Member at Large

Anna Maria Niccili‐Mullett         Principal CD Main
Nik Chiu                                              Vice Principal CD Main
Lisa Nucich                                        Vice Principal CD Annex

Scott Urquhart                                 Member at Large
Sunya Lai Thom                                Member at Large

1.       Welcome
2.      Agenda for tonight’s meeting approved (Kelly 1st / Christy 2nd / Passed)
3.       Minutes approved from Exec Meeting June 4, 2014 (Christy 1st / Andy M. 2nd / Passed)
4.      Voted in six new Members at Large (Andrea S. 1st / Andy 2nd / Passed)

5.    Admin Update

Anna-Maria - Dickens Main
Warm welcome to Nik Chiu, new VP Dickens Main. Nik was previously had a teaching position at Queen Elizabeth Elementary.

Return to school has been welcoming and smooth. Classes have been set for both schools. Main - 480 students, 21 Divisions (up from 20 from 2013), Annex 140 students, 6 Divisions.

Cross-country running teams are in place. Gr. 2-7. Students who have shown interest have been contacted. Meets take place at Trout Lake.

Memorial plans - as a legacy piece, memory bench to be mounted onsite by VSB, two plaques with the names of the students will be placed on the bench. A community memorial with the school will be planned. 

MOTION to give $200 donation to Chou family in honour of Heidi. (Kelly 1st / Christy 2nd / Passed)

Facilities - all rooms are currently being used for teaching. Discussion under way at VSB level re new music program to be Guitars.

ProD days between Annex and Main all ProD days have been synchronized except for one. The date has not yet been determined.

Re teaching days lost due to VSB strike - AM’s understanding is that the school calendar will stand as published at the end of last year & the school curriculum will be modified to catch up on lost days.

School photos - Oct 15, 2014 (Main) Oct 6, 2014 (Annex).

Hot lunch program - two (pre-paid) lunches were missed in June. Main will make up these missed lunches on Tues Oct 14 and Oct 17.

New teachers: two new enrolling teachers Kloe Ash-Andersen (5/6/7), Dominque Deslauriers (5/6), new custodian Joe Yukick 

Lisa - Dickens Annex
Thank you to the parent community - staff felt extremely supported. Follow up to the flood - thanks to quick community response very little loss. School has new lino floors and paint. Terry Fox Run took place. Cross county is in place.  Two new teachers coming in (mat leave replacements). Total number at Main 140.

6. Greenway Painting Party Update - Andy M
The City financed the Greenway project entirely. As a result, of the $15 000 allocated, $10 000 is remaining ($5 000 was used for drainage). This money was raised to be used for a community type event/purpose only. Andy suggested using some of the $$ for a community Pumpkin Patch party. Group was enthusiastic about the idea. Discussion followed re what else the funds can be used for. Tabled for the next meeting.

7. Treasurer Update – Kelly M
Review of Financials & where they stand to date.  A small amount of allocated money has not been spent. That will be discussed at the large Disbursement Exec mtg Oct 15.
BCCPAC / DPAC discussion - what is the role of both, why are we paying members, do we want to remain, what’s it all about. Andrea S is working on getting more concrete information and responses from DPAC. Discussion tabled.
MOTION: that the signing officers are Kelly Maxwell, Andrea Sinclair, Andy Mitchell, Sharon Mischler (Kelly 1st / Andy M. 2nd / Passed)

8. Funding for teachers, PIN money and discussion - Kelly/Andrea S with Rossanna
Background info provided by Andrea S. PIN money given to each teacher at both schools to offset out-of-pocket purchases made by teachers for classroom supplies. Some discussion re fund-raising options/desire for teachers eg. giving teachers a $500 donation would be taxed, however a gift certificate would not. Discussion re PAC to lead a fund-raising drive for teachers/staff of both schools. Decision that an independent PAC Exec committee would be created to discuss further and lead. 
Kelly will provide info at next meeting re PIN money. Anna-Maria will count teachers.
Cmt: Rossanna, Naomi, Kelly, Christy, Nicole to work on this together.

9. EXEC Project leads - Andrea S
Refer to attached document, listing the different projects, Andrea will send more information

10. Staff Appreciation Lunch 2014/2015 - Deb/Nicole
Lunch has been re-scheduled for spring 2015. Deb and Nicole to co-ord. date options in late April with Annex/Main. April works well - warm enough for outdoor event, far enough ahead of Spring Fling to not impact fund-raising and volunteers.

11. Spring Fling 2014 Debrief Update - Andy M
Debrief didn’t take place. Tabled for another meeting.

12. Advocating for Education Funding - Christy
Christy has spoken with the Math Lady
MOTION: Carol Fullerton (the Math Lady) booked to address General PAC meeting in November (Christy 1st / Andrea 2nd / Passed)

13. School Clubs update - Andrea

14. Other business
Upcoming meetings
- Next PAC Executive Meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2014
- Next PAC General Meeting is scheduled for October 29, 2014

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