Monday, January 12

November 20, 2014 PAC Exec Meeting

Andrea Sinclair                        Chair Main
Rossanna Caritey                      Chair at Annex
Kelly Maxwell                          Treasurer
Nicole Nozick                           Co-Secretary (took Minutes)
Lara Penno                              Co-Secretary
Hayley Baines                          Member at Large
Deb Copeland                          Member at Large
Helene deMonye                      Member at Large
Tami Friesen                            Member at Large
Leone Hall                               Member at Large
Ania Jakobs                             Member at Large
Sharon Mishler                         Member at Large
Andy Mitchell                           Member at Large
Judith Steedman                      Member at Large
Christy Thomas                        Member at Large

Scott Urquhart                         Member at Large
Sunya Lai Thom                       Member at Large
Naomi Lazarus                         Member at Large
Rochelle Tucker                       Member at Large
Anna Maria NiccoliMullett        Principal CD Main
Nik Chiu                                  Vice Principal CD Main
Lisa Nucich                              Vice Principal CD Annex

1.      Welcome
2.      Agenda for tonight’s meeting approved ( 1st /  2nd / Passed)
3.      Minutes approved from Exec Meeting Oct 15, 2014 ( 1st / . 2nd / Passed)

Treasurer’s motions:

In our Approved Budget in June, general funds allocations to disbursements were

490 students at $22 per student = $10,780
150 students at $22 per student = $3,300

(plus any carryforwards.)

Motion: To fund the pumpkin patch event from playground funds instead of from gaming funds, as was initially approved.

Actual enrollment numbers (confirmed last week with admins) are 470 and 138.
I move to revise the general funds allocation to
470 students at $23 per student = $10,810
138 students at $23 per student = $3,174.

As well, June approved budget was $6,300 allocated to field trip fund under Gaming Funds, $10 per child.

I move to adjust this amount to reflect actual numbers of students, therefore 4,700 and 1,380 = $6,080 from this year’s gaming funds (which are supplemented with carryforwards).

Motion: For contingency
-A decision was made to allocate $600 from Main and $176 from contingency to offset shortfalls.
Motion: To spend disbursements according to spreadsheets
-After extensive review, all funding requests were considered and allocated based on general agreement amongst the PAC.
-Gaming and General disbursements were considered separately, as well as the Dickens Main school and the Annex.
-Please review the Dickens Disbursement Requests Decision for 2014-2015 for a complete breakdown of all allocations and general comments.

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