Thursday, February 13

January 8, 2014 PAC Exec Meeting


Christy Thomas                 Co-Chair Main
Kerryn Williams                Co-Chair Annex
Kelly Maxwell                    Treasurer
Nicole Nozick                     Co-Secretary
Phil Benson                        Co-Secretary
Aasia Paterson                  Member at Large
Andrea Mitchell                Member at Large
Leone Hall                          Member at Large
Scott Urquhart                  Member at Large
Rachelle Leduc                  Member at Large
Tami Friesen                      Member at Large
Judith Steedman               Member at Large
Ania Jakobs                        Member at Large

Brian Anderson                 Principal (Interim) Charles Dickens Elementary
Karl Graham                      Vice Principal Charles Dickens Main
Lisa Nucich                         Vice Principal Charles Dickens Annex

Andrea Sinclair                  Vice Chair Main
Brad White                         Vice Chair Annex
Maggie Lancaster             Member at Large
Adrienne Wang                 Member at Large
Tara Robens                       Member at Large
Cathy Golf                          Member at Large
Jenny Pronovost               Member at Large
Mimi Wong                        Member at Large
Anne-Marie Long              Member at Large (unable to attend on Weds)
Rochelle Tucker                Member at Large (unable to attend on Weds)

1.       Agenda for tonight’s meeting approved  (Christy 1st / Kerryn. 2nd / Passed)

2.       Minutes approved from Exec Meeting Dec 11, 2013 (Kerryn 1st / Andy M. 2nd / Passed)

3.       School Update – Brian/Karl/Lisa

·         introduced himself, feels very welcomed by Dickens community, is looking forward to his time here. Brian will be at Dickens throughout January/early February until Anna-Maria’s return to work, tentatively scheduled for beginning of Feb. AM’s work hours when she does return will be played by ear, dictated by her health.  Brian will remain at Dickens while AM’s transition back to work is solidified.

Karl (Main)
·         Lots of events coming up at Main incl. skating field trips. Articulation for grade 7’s is up and running, reps from Tupper and Gladstone (Dickens in-catchment high schools) will be visiting in the coming week. There are no grade 7’s currently scheduled to go to Gladstone compared to approx. 10 students last year. The majority are going to Tupper.

·         FSA Foundation Skills Assessment test for Grade 4 and 7’s is coming up soon (optional test). Dickens has a strong tradition of parents opting for non-participation of their kids in this test. Usually 30-40 students participate. Also, the VSB’s Satisfaction survey is coming up soon. This is an optional, online survey for parents and students.

Lisa (Annex)

·         Grateful to have a principal with Brian’s experience, expertise and stature on board (as was Bob prior).

·         All is good at the Annex, students are super happy to be back after Winter break. Winter Assembly in December was a great success, very well attended, a ‘magical evening’ for everyone involved. J

·         Some general discussion/clarification followed re speakers: GRIT, Carol Dweck, Kim Schonet-Reichl (sp?).


·         On Jan 16 a ‘Code Red’ drill will be done for all students at Main and Annex. Code Red = a complete school lockdown in response to intruder or similar extreme emergency. All students are thoroughly prepped for the drill by class teachers. The aim is to keep students safe and calm should such a situation arise.

·         Two Main teachers on leave – Georgina King and Kelly Kent. Both classes have been assigned dedicated sub teachers to keep continuity. This is in place to avoid a ‘revolving door’ situation of new teachers/subs for the classes which is detrimental to students.

·         Brian will be introducing and focusing Main students/staff the theme of ‘Belonging’. This is one of the main tenets of Aboriginal culture (Belonging – Mastery – Independence – Generosity). Brian will be working with teachers and students to be mindful of this concept and raise awareness.

4.       Treasure’s Update – Kelly

·         Review and status report of Financials including recent update of Toastmasters Club disbursement.

·         Holiday Hampers went extremely smoothly - both organization and budget. Kudos to Tami who manages this project.  The project is run entirely on donations - close to $1800 was raised. 23 Hampers were made. Karl  - an additional $600 for the Food Bank was collected at Main’s Winter Concert.

·         Explained the charitable tax receipt process for Hamper donations. A total of $860 in tax receipts was issued this year ($400 last year). This process is fairly easy to do and beneficial for donors.

·         Main currently has approx. $4600 in unallocated Gaming funds (all Gaming funds for Annex have been committed). In-depth discussion re unallocated disbursements followed.  See item 7 for more.

MOTION:  Hamper-wrapping volunteer meeting refreshments will be reimbursed from PAC Exec meeting refreshment budget (Kelly 1st/Kerryn 2nd/Passed).

5. Follow Up on Previously Allocated Funds Spent/Not Yet Spent as Main & Annex

See item 7.

6. Peter & The Wolf Application – Ania

·         Ania provided info re West Coast Chamber Music’s production, Peter and the Wolf – a unique music/theatre production for K-4.  The group gave it a thumbs up. Karl has been in touch with WCCM, will follow up to schedule, May 12 tentative date (Main & Annex students to attend).

·         Karl explained he was surprised to learn that there was no PAC allocation in place for school shows (combined Main and Annex attendance). Some context discussion followed.

7. Gaming Fund Discussion (Idea for Spending) – Kelly

·         Discussion re teachers having to place requests for field trip funds, applications are needed, teachers have been asked to request funding in advance.

·         More discussion re how to best use unallocated Gaming funds, how to better support teachers field trip funding as well as how to provide PAC funding for children’s shows.

$4567.47 allocated in Gaming funds to be used to pay for drainage in the playground

$4567.47 playground funds previously allocated to drainage now allocated to General funds

VOTE: Andrea M 1st/Kerryn 2nd/Passed

 $300 General funds to be allocated for Peter and Wolf + $430 ($10/student) General funds to be allocated for Division 9/10 field trip as per teachers application received Jan 08, 2014

VOTE: Kelly 1st/Christy 2nd/ Passed

$2500 General funds to be allocated for technology (Main).

VOTE: Christy 1st/Kelly 2nd/Passed

8. Holiday Hampers & Kim Class Donations – Congrats

·         A lot of essential support was provided to families in need. All recipients were extremely grateful for the help. Congrats to Tami for her expert leadership in this important service.

9. Upcoming PAC meetings

A little switcheroo re content of upcoming meetings:

Jan 29 – Speaker - Aasia will approach and book speakers - details below.

Feb 26 – PAC party/social - Christy will lead this project.

10. Speaker Ideas – Aasia

·         Aasia gave overview of speaker options as per the info. sheet sent to PAC Exec. earlier in the week.  Brief discussion about options, group consensus for Aasia to book speaker Carol Dweck (Growth Mind Sets - Teaching Grit / Resiliance / Connectedness) and if unavailable then Patti Drobot (Power of Parenting) for the Jan 29 meeting. Speaker fee budget is $622.50 deemed more than adequate.

·         Kerryn has spoken with Lorraine (Annex librarian)who will give a brief (approx. 15 min) presentation about the FOSL - Friends of School Libraries program before the speaker.

11. Basketball Hoops at Side of Main school (height)

·         Follow up to previous Exec. meeting agenda item and discussion. The current height of the basketball hoops is 11.2 ft (should be between 8-10ft max). Brian has already looked into this and will investigate some options for lowering the hoops , including costs.

12. New Business

·         Kerryn – suggested offering the babysitting course for grade 6+7’s on ProD days (David Livingston offers this). Group supported the idea. Lisa will talk with the Livingston principal about the process. Karl will speak with Joanne (Main teacher who currently offers this course).

·         Christy - provided some background info re questions about the Hot Lunch program returning to Main. Needs a certain percentage of guaranteed participation (minimum 200 students). Deemed not feasible at this stage.

·         Anya – question re new VSB guidelines and course needed for all volunteers. Brian, Lisa and Karl provided context about this new requirement.  Annex has 80 parents/volunteers who have already taken the course. Main will begin with Chess Club volunteers (Jan 15 and Jan 27)and will introduce the course in the near future to all parents.  School admins assured that care will be taken when presenting this new requirement esp re framing it in a collaborative, positive manner so that parents won’t be dissuaded/negatively impacted.

·         Aasia – parents are expressing increasing frustration about kids not finishing/eating school lunches. This is the number one issue that parents talk to her about in her capacity as PAC Exec. member. Karl assured that the staff (including lunch supervision aids) are all aware of the need for students to eat lunches and are on top of this, doing the best they can. Suggestion that Karl mention this awareness in the Dickens newsletter so parents are aware that staff is responding to their concerns.

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