Tuesday, January 14

December 11, 2013 PAC Exec Meeting

Christy Thomas                Co-Chair Main (Took Minutes)
Deb Copeland                   Co-Chair Main
Kerryn Williams                Co-Chair Annex
Andrea Sinclair                  Vice Chair Main
Kelly Maxwell                    Treasurer
Andrea Mitchell                Member at Large
Mimi Wong                        Member at Large
Rachelle Leduc                  Member at Large
Tami Friesen                      Member at Large
Judith Steedman              Member at Large
Tara Robens                      Member at Large
Ania Jakobs                       Member at Large
Adrienne Wang                Member at Large
Maggie Lancaster             (New) Member at Large
Karl Graham                      Vice Principal Charles Dickens Main
Lisa Nucich                         Vice Principal Charles Dickens Annex

Nicole Nozick                    Co-Secretary
Phil Benson                       Co-Secretary
Brad White                        Vice Chair Annex
Cathy Golf                          Member at Large
Anne-Marie Long             Member at Large
Jenny Pronovost               Member at Large
Leone Hall                          Member at Large
Aasia Paterson                  Member at Large
Scott Urquhart                  Member at Large
Bob Moore                         Principal (Interim) Charles Dickens Elementary

1)      Agenda for tonight’s meeting was amended & approved (Tara 1st / Andrea S. 2nd / Passed)

2)      Minutes approved from Exec Meeting November 13, 2013 (Christy 1st / Andy M. 2nd / Passed)

3)      School Update – Karl

-          Bob has been talking about use of school grounds with VSB and grounds & garden team

-          Lots going on at both schools / Rundown of school Events

4)      Annex Update – Lisa

-          Expressed Anxiety Speaker PAC General Meeting went well & good attendance.

-          Kindness Event on the Horizon at Annex - Teachers have embraced.

-          Volunteers signing up & being oriented - 78 parents completed to date!

5)      PAC Support for Family in Kim’s Class

-          Vote: $200 PAC Budget to support family

(Deb 1st / Andrea M. 2nd / Passed)

6)      Treasurer Update – Kelly Maxwell

-          Review of Financials & where they stand to date.

-          More Technology Funds could be allocated. Discussion ensued about unspent funds & clarity around invoices that may not have come in yet from both schools.

-          Motion to Allocate unallocated technology funds. Main: 395.79  Annex: 115.76 

-          (First: Andrea / Deb: Second / Passed)

-          Admin. to follow up on what has been spent & what has not been spent to date of previously allocated funds.

7)      Gaming & Funding

-          Bob & Lisa to follow up on what has been spent & what has not been spent to date of previously allocated funds.

-          Kerryn Williams suggested admin provides us a good solid list (excel sheet) of what technology has been purchased as each item is ordered & purchased. Working list accurate & up to date to be submitted to Technology committee & maintained by admin & committee as items are purchased.

-          Use of list will be for tracking & for accountability to donors.

-          Discussion about field trips & distribution of funds wrt fairness to each division.

-          Discussion around playground equipment funding with gaming funds (balls, skipping ropes, etc.) for use at recess/lunch.

-          Table this allocation until teachers submit their field trip wishes in January.

-          Karl to ask teachers to put proposals in by January 31, 2014 for field trips (to spend gaming funds at Main - approximately $10 / child).

8)      Toastmasters Club Funding (submission for PAC Gaming Funds)

-          $360 to run club for 18 students

-          Discussion & Vote to Fund 

(Kelly 1st / Deb 2nd / Passed)

9)      Garden & VSB Proposal & Community Street Update

-          Discussion around the fixing of the drainage in the playground.

-          Quote for the fix on the playground drainage - $4,900 from VSB to fix the drainage problem. Discussion around drainage.

-          Proposal put forward by Andrea M. to allocate the original $15,000 playground funds into: drainage, garden re-furbish, technology & funds to protect for overages until community street is complete. Discussion followed.

-          Motion to spend the $4900 from the garden funds to fix the drainage issue in the school playground

(Andrea S. 1st  / Judith S. 2nd / Passed)

-          Plan to leave the remainder of funds until community street complete in Spring then re-open discussion & Andrea M.’s plan for remaining funds.

10)   Holiday Hampers Update (Tami)

-          25 Families Being Supported this Year. Need is greater than ever (10 more kids at Main than in previous years with more families pending) and resources will be stretched.

-          Wrapping party at her house on Dec. 17 - Still need more Day wrappers (Noon - 3pm). Bring your own scissors & beverage (cheese & treats will be served).

11)   February PAC General Meeting Presenter Discussion

-          FOSL - Friends of School Libraries (Lorraine) Aasia to follow up on ideas & connect with Lorriaine. Idea came forward that FOSL may be better as a start to a meeting rather than a whole meeting.

-          Growth Mind Sets (Carol Dweck) - Teaching Grit / Resiliance / Connectedness (Lisa). Many supported this idea - sounds like a good speaker.

-          Power of  Parenting another idea. Patti Drobot potential (Tara)

-          Aasia is coordinator for presenters and will follow up on above ideas & get final info & vote via email. Last PAC speaker of school year will be Feb. 26, 2014.

12)   Adrianne Wang - Voted in as Member at Large

(Kelly 1st / Kerryn 2nd / Passed)

13)   January PAC Main Event / General Meeting in January - January 29, 2014

-          Multi-cultural Pot Luck Dinner or Dance at Main or Appies & Dance Combined

-          Discussion around numbers & feasibility - could both schools come or would it be too many people?

-          Chat about Plans & no clear consensus on what should happen or what type of event PAC would like to see.

-          Kelly M suggested further discussion with Teachers about previous Pot Luck & use of hallways & classroom.

14)   New Business (very rushed)

-          Judith brought up: Basketball Hoops - too high attached to school. No kids can reach them - they are a non-standard height and WAY too high for kids. Could something be done about hoops potentially to get them lowered & easier to shoot on?

-          Judith: Suggestion to lobby the Government for proper funding in schools instead of fundraising for technology. Discussion tabled for next meeting.

·         Upcoming meetings

-          Next PAC Executive Meeting is scheduled for January 8, 2014

-          Next PAC General Meeting is scheduled for January 29, 2014

-          Note: January is a LONG month. Happy Holidays!

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