Thursday, October 17

September 11, 2013 PAC Exec Meeting

Christy Thomas Co‐Chair Main
Deb Copeland Co‐Chair Main
Kerryn Williams Chair Annex
Andrea Sinclair Vice Chair Main
Kelly Maxwell Treasurer
Phil Benson Co‐Secretary
Aasia Paterson Member at Large
Andrea Mitchell Member at Large
Ania Jakobs Member at Large
Jenny Pronovost Member at Large
Leone Hall Member at Large
Mimi Wong Member at Large
Rachelle Leduc Member at Large
Scott Urquhart Member at Large
Tami Friesen Member at Large
Judith Steedman Member at Large
Rock Leung Prospective Member at Large
Adrienne Leung Prospective Member at Large
Katarina Chin Prospective Member at Large
Bob Moore Principal (Interim) Charles Dickens Elementary
Karl Graham Vice Principal Charles Dickens Main
Lisa Nucich Vice Principal Charles Dickens Annex

Brad White Vice Chair Annex
Nicole Nozick Co‐Secretary
Anne‐Marie Long Member at Large
Cathy Golf Member at Large

1) Christy Thomas described the role of the PAC Executive as the elected governing body of the PAC. The Executive listens to concerns from parents and communicates with administration. PAC leads several activities throughout the year including Spring Fling, Xmas Giving Tree, etc.

2) Mimi Wong, Jenny Pronovost & Aasia Patterson were elected as Members at Large. Rock Leung, Adrienne Leung and Katarina Chin will consider becoming Members at Large at a later date.

3) Principal Report (Bob Moore)
‐ Bob is a recently retired but happy to be here interim principal.
‐ Anna Maria is expected back at the end of the term.
‐ Main School newsletter will be issued shortly with important information for the coming
year (student led conferences, etc.)
‐ 19 September evening 6‐7:30 pm, students introduction to teachers
‐ Bob issued a reminder for parents about safe driving around student drop off & pick up

4) Annex Report (Lisa Nucich)
‐ Annex is part of UBC Help Questionnaire (Kindergarten interviews)
‐ Annex population is healthy
‐ Stranger‐Danger discussions upcoming
‐ 26 September Terry Fox Run
‐ Lisa noted that Media Consent Forms are coming out. Parents to please note that children may miss out on parts of some activities if parents answer “no”. Photos, videos, etc. that are becoming increasingly commonplace during activities. Consider indicating “yes”.

5) Main School Report (Karl Graham)
‐ Earth Rangers coming on Friday 13 September
‐ Happy to be working with Bob, appreciative of another administrator’s perspective

6) Treasurer’s Report (Kelly Maxwell)
‐ Gaming fund applications ($20/child) have been submitted but funds have not yet been
received from BC Government
‐ Refer to Treasurer’s Report for additional details
‐ Disbursement meeting expected in October or November

7) Year at a Glance
‐ Confirmed that it’s the PAC’s turn to do the WinterFest (teachers did last year)
‐ PAC voted and agreed that Spring Fling date will be Thursday 29 May 2014

8) Lisa Nucich advised that she has connections to a UBC expert (Dr. Miller) on children’s anxiety and is prepared to contact one of his colleagues and book as a speaker for a future PAC General Meeting. Adrienne Leung indicated she also has professional expertise in this area and is prepared to provide assistance.

9) Kerryn Williams suggested that PAC also try to book speakers with expertise in creative areas.

10) PAC voted and agreed that:
‐ PAC Executive Meetings will be held on 2nd Wednesday of every month (7 pm).
‐ PAC General Meetings will be held on final Wednesday of every month (7 pm).

11) PAC Jobs Filled During Meeting:
‐ PAC General Meetings Chair – Andrea Sinclair
‐ Poster Designer – Deb Copeland will design for PAC Meetings
‐ PAC Blogger – Leone Hall will run the PAC Blog (Deb will provide some guidance) including posting of PAC meeting minutes. Leone will develop the text for posters and send to Deb for poster development. Deb will send the posters back to Leone for posting on the blog.

‐ Poster Hanger – Ania Jakobs will take responsibility for putting up PAC posters at the
schools. Posters are typically put up one week in advance. Ania will also take for developing
other ideas for getting parents to attend PAC General Meetings.
‐ Speakers Coordinator – Aasia Patterson
‐ Technology Coordinator/Fundraiser ‐ Kerryn Williams
‐ Snacks Coordinator for PAC General Meetings – Jenny Provonost
‐ Parent Classroom Representative Coordinator (Main School) – Andrea Sinclair
‐ Parent Classroom Representative Coordinator (Annex) – Kerryn Williams

12) PAC Jobs Still to Be Filled:
‐ Poster Printing Coordinator
‐ Volunteer Coordinator ‐ Christy has some ideas, will advise later
‐ Silent Auction Volunteer (Spring Fling)
‐ Holiday Hampers Coordinator – Christy has some ideas, will advise later

13) Both the Main School and the Annex had wi‐fi installed over the summer.

14) Kerryn Williams would like to have some assistant volunteers with a goal of fundraising $45,000 for Technology by end of 2013. The plan is to approach corporations for donations (tax receipts will be issued). This committee will need to be motivated and energetic.

15) Glenn Drive Update (Andrea Mitchell)
‐ Drains have been installed by City
‐ In 2‐4 weeks, the City’s portion of the infrastructure installation is expected to be completed
‐ Hopefully we will have plants in during mid October
‐ Hoping we can upgrade the benches to be installed by the City
‐ Planning to rename to “Glenn Drive Community Street”
‐ Discussion about purchasing hockey nets for lunchtime use by the kids. Existing basketball hoops are adequate (just to be repainted)
‐ Asphalt will be patched & fixed
‐ Discussion about pruning some trees
‐ Discussion about a party when the work is completed
‐ Discussion about forming a committee
‐ Andrea Mitchell to meet with Bob Moore for clarification discussion

16) Dogs on School Property (Scott Urquhart)
‐ Scott suggested some “NO DOGS” signs be installed on the Main School school property
‐ Scott confirmed that the school property is deemed an on‐leash area
‐ Dogs are leaving waste and digging holes in the fields
‐ Bob Moore advised that other schools have had some success with community education.
Policing does not seem to be successful and fences are not an option. Bob is open to
installing signs.
‐ It was noted that the Annex does not seem to have such a problem as at the Main School
‐ It was suggested that ideas be put to a committee.

17) Disbursements Meeting
‐ To be done at next PAC Exec meeting rescheduled for Wednesday 16‐October
‐ Bob Moore will announce at next staff meeting that disbursement forms are coming
‐ Teacher request forms to be submitted by 9‐October
‐ Parents to be educated about this at September PAC General Meeting (they can submit
request forms at later times)

18) PAC Awareness Initiative (Rachelle Leduc)
‐ Rachelle suggested that all initiatives funded fully or partially by PAC should include a note on the forms sent home that the activity is funded by PAC

19) Crossing Guard at Kingsway & Windsor
‐ Suggested by both Judith Steedman & Deb Copeland
‐ Bob Moore will look into current VPD policy and report back to PAC
‐ Lisa Nucich advised the school will need to provide a coordinator. Perhaps this could be a PAC member.

20) Parent Criminal Record Checks
‐ Jenny Pronovost indicated that these checks cost $50 ‐ $70. Can PAC cover these costs for parents that are volunteering on an ongoing basis? Jenny mentioned there is one parent
who is contributing quite a bit of volunteer time but does not have the funds to pay for this
‐ Bob Moore to advise on current policy status and report back to PAC.
‐ It was suggested that PAC could estimate the number of volunteers it would be willing to
pay for and establish a budget.

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