Monday, September 16

June 19, 2013 PAC General Meeting - Budget and Elections for 2013/14

PAC Members in Attendance: Kerryn Williams, Rachelle Leduc, Kelly Maxwell, Andrea Sinclair, Andrea Mitchell, Christy Thomas, Deb Copeland, Brad White, Cathy Golf

Admin in Attendance: Anna Maria Niccoli-Mullett, Karl Graham, Lisa Nucich

Parents in Attendance: Phil Benson, Nicole Nozick, Ania Jakobs, Anne-Marie Long, Leone Hall, Judith Steedman, Rochell Tucker, Scott Urquart, Tami Friesen

PAC Members with Regrets: Jenny Pronovost, Mimi Wong

  1. Annual Budget Review
    Kelly M referenced the 2012-2013 documents and outline the budget for 2013-2014. Things to note: there is a small carry forward from current budget; the run-rate line items have been revised and merged for clarity. She explained how Gaming and General funds are allocated and disbursed and the percentages allocated to both Main and Annex. Kelly noted the gaming application has been efiled and is complete. There was some discussion on the allocation and disbursements of the Technology Campaigns funds; this will continue in September.
    Motion by Christy T to accept the budget as presented and reviewed. Phil Benson seconded. All were in favour - passed.
  2. Greenway Project Status
    These funds - $15k - were raised some years ago and are being held. Andy M  gave an update on the revised Greenway Project with the City of Vancouver. This project is now just coming to the community; letter are being sent in the coming week to residents in the area. Motion made by Kelly M to continue holding these funds until it was clear what percentage (possibly 90% +) the City would cover. All in favour to keep holding these funds - motion passed.
  3. Technology Campaign Funds Disbursement
    Through parent contributions, about $3k has been raised for technology specifically. Motion by Kelly M, seconded by Kerryn W and passed by Executive to disburse these funds based on 564 total current enrolment in both Main and Annex - $5.00 per child for a total of $2820.00.
PAC Election
Current PAC members introduced themselves and spoke to the positions they currently held. Deb C motioned to accept the new PAC Executive as presented; Scott U seconded, all in favour and passed by those present.

2013-2014 PAC:



Co-Chair Main

Christy Thomas

Co-Chair Main

Deb Copeland

Chair Annex

Kerryn Williams

Vice Chair Main

Andrea Sinclair

Vice Chair Annex

Brad White


Kelly Maxwell


Phil Benson


Nicole Nozick

Member at Large

Andy Mitchell

Member at Large

Ania Jakobs

Member at Large

Anne-Marie Long

Member at Large

Cathy Golf

Member at Large

Judith Steedman

Member at Large

Leone Hall

Member at Large

Rachelle Leduc

Member at Large

Rochell Tucker

Member at Large

Scott Urquart

Member at Large

Tami Friesen

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