Monday, September 16

June 12, 2013 PAC Exec Meeting

In attendance: Kerryn Williams, Rachelle Leduc, Kelly Maxwell, Andrea Sinclair, Andrea Mitchell, Christy Thomas, Deb Copeland, Mimi Wong, Anna Maria Niccoli-Mullett, Karl Graham, Lisa Nucich.

Regrets: Jenny Pronovost, Brad White, Cathy Golf

  1. Moved Andrea M, seconded by Deb C to pass the agenda. Passed.
  2. Moved Christy, seconded Andrea S, to pass revised minutes of May 8. Passed.
  3. School Admin Update
    Anna Maria covered off these items for the Main: new school plan and need for a few parent signatures; local school calendar has been distributed to parents; Sports Day was a great success and parents appreciated the coffee/snacks; Track Meet was a success and Dickens faired well; the idea of the reverse lunch will be raised again in September after more discussions with staff; VSB School Lunch program was discussed and we would need a commit of 125 at Main to resurrect this program which would also affect the funds raised from the current one day per week lunch program - discussion tabled to September; the Talent Show was well received by parents and was organized by student council; final day of school is Thursday June 27.
    For the 2013/14 school year there will be 480 students at Main - its maximum. There will be 20- classes/division and all are slightly higher in class size.
    Karl noted the upcoming concerts for Marimba, the project led by Jodi to recondition old computers with the kids; the blogs and reading presentations by students with Cherie and Gr 7 Grad will be June 26.
    Lisa covered events for the Annex: Sports Day with parent refreshments was well received; Dance Week with the Bollywood theme was good fun; Talent show went well; Grade 3 sleepover is now done; work is underway for the stuffies for the Gr 3 students; staff feeling well supported by PAC in both schools - its been a good year.
    For the 2013/14 school year there will be 140 students at Annex - its maximum. There will be 22-24 students per class/division.
  4. Glen Drive Update
    Andrea M reported on the letter the City will be sending to residents in the coming weeks. A start date for the project cannot occur until after that community process has completed. We can price out basketball hoops to see how much of our assigned funds are required at a later date.
  5. Treasurers Update
    Kelly noted that the Annex has $396.51 under spent in General Funds which can be used for Gr 3 graduation activities. Kelly motioned to disburse these funds to Annex for those activities; seconded by Christy and passed. For the Main there are invoices outstanding and funds left in Gaming account. Kelly motioned to use the under spent funds in Main Gaming ($671.69) to purchase a standard computer (CPU) for the library. Deb seconded, passed.
    Kelly also motioned to make these changes to the Budget and tie up remaining invoices and then present the changes for approval at the General PAC on June 19.
  6. Direct Drive Fundraising
    Rachelle again raised the idea to collect funds from parents at the start of the school year to avoid the repeated smaller requests throughout the year. As this is a bigger conversation, it was agreed to table until September.
  7. Technology Fundraising
    Kerryn reported we have raised @$3K already from parents since they received the campaign materials. It appears the $50 tax receipt was a good incentive. It was agreed to spend the funds on the current Technology plan as the fund are received. This will be presented at the General Meeting on June 19 and pursued during the summer months. Discussion on the process for the funds was tabled to September. The next step is to explore corporations and businesses in the Fall.
  8. Next PAC Meeting/Elections/Parent Involvement
    Discussion again on having classroom reps (parents, email lists) to both send information and receive feedback through - we should pursue this for September and have parents sign up during the first two weeks. PAC will have a table during first day and week of school in September to help drive awareness and engagement.
    Deb will chair General Meeting on June 19 for elections. Desire to review allocation of core duties, projects and initiatives among PAC members to enable both better use of skills and disburse work load.
  9. Spring Fling Wrap Up
    Andy discussed some of the feedback she had received and had suggestions and ideas for new and existing sections. Generally agreed we need to start in January.

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