Tuesday, May 7

instruments for change

there is a  very special project going on at school that is been initiated by the student Council. 

To get a sense of what it is about, please check out this video about an orchestra of extremely poor children in Paraguay who live on a garbage dump and play classical music on instruments made from recycled materials and trash. They have constructed flutes, cellos, violins, and trumpets in this way.


There is a lot to be learned here about the importance of music in our lives, how we make connections with music, and how people can change their lives through creative ideas and actions. 

Janos Mate has started a campaign called Instruments for Change to help these children. His intention is to send the orchestra in Paraguay get real instruments so they can complete their musical development. You can check this out here: 


Jerry Prussin of Prussin music is helping with the project.

The students and the other members of Instruments for Change are asking parents at the school to consider donating unused musical instruments to these children in Paraguay. We have a collection system at the school set up and all parents have to do is bring the instruments in store them in my room and then have them sent off for collection at Killarney high school. 

Do you have any instruments that are not being used in your home, particularly guitars, that could be of use in Paraguay...?

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